It’s official, a new Motorola Razr is coming this year


Motorola will announce a new Razr device this year, it’s now official. This information comes directly from Lenovo’s CEO, who said in an interview that a new Razr will be coming “very soon”.

A new Motorola Razr handset will be coming this year

This information was shared during an interview with CNBC behind closed doors, it is said. The CEO in question is Yuanqing Yang, in case you were wondering, and as you know, Lenovo owns Motorola Mobility.

The company’s CEO also said that the upcoming Razr is “much better”, and that it will feature an improved hinge design. That is basically everything we know thus far, not much info was shared.

Having said that, the Motorola Razr 2022 launched on August 11, originally, so its successor may arrive around the same time. Lenovo’s CEO did say “very soon”, so it could launch even sooner than that, we’ll have to wait and see.

It will probably, once again, make its way to China first, and then spread to more markets. The Razr 2022 did launch in Europe, but it never made its way to the US.

Its design also surfaced not long ago

We also have a good idea of what the phone will look like, thanks to Evan Blass. The tipster shared images of the device not long ago. We cannot be sure this is the Razr 2023, but it surely seems like it.

The phone will include a much larger cover display, it would seem. Considering how much Motorola allows you to do on the cover display, unlike other OEMs, those are great news.

It is worth noting that Motorola also shared its ‘Rizr’ concept at MWC 2023. That is the company’s rollable handset, and we do hope it’ll become a reality at some point. We liked it so much that we sent one of our MWC 2023 awards its way.


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