Material You dynamic color swaps could hit Wear OS


Wear OS 3 appears to have Material You color swapping coming in a future update, according to a new report from 9To5Google. If that ends being the case, then Wear OS 3 watch owners should be able to have their color themes dynamically change. The way this works hinges on your wallpaper. Change it, and the Material You dynamic color swapping picks colors based on the colors in your wallpaper. It then changes elements of certain parts of the design to match those chosen colors.

Initially this type of design was limited to Pixel devices, way back when Android 12 first launched. But it slowly made its way to other devices once they were updated to the Android 12 software. With that in mind, users aren’t likely to see this on their watches just yet. But based on the report, some code referencing DYNAMIC_COLOR_THEME_ENABLED for wearables settings was found within the Android 14 Developer Preview 1. Which suggests that Google is at least working on adding this and that it’s coming. At some point.

Material You dynamic color swapping to hit Wear OS 3 in an upcoming update

It isn’t clear when Google will add the color change setting to its wearables platform. But it does seem to be on the way. Wear OS is based on Android 11 right now. So any changes that involve the dynamic color swaps would have to wait until Wear OS gets an update that bases it off of Android 13. The question then becomes, when is that happening?

Because when you can narrow that down, it should give a better idea of when the Material You stuff is getting added. For now though, users will have to rely on third-party watch faces for the bulk of customization. That being said, there’s plenty of watch faces available. Thanks to apps like Facer. So if you want to change the color of stuff, simply swap to a new watch face.


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