Mega Man X has just landed on Android (it’s about time)


Mega Man X has been a popular installment in the Mega Man franchise since it launched 30 years ago for the SNES. Capcom released a remaster of the game to mobile 12 years ago, but that was only on iOS. Now,  the company just released Mega Man on Android.

Now, the version released to mobile platforms isn’t a port of the original game. Rather, it’s an HD remaster of the game. All of the sprites have been redone in HD. This means that the sprites and environments are now a lot higher resolution. So, those looking for a 1:1 experience with the original will be disappointed. However, the music used is the same music used in the original.

Mega Man X on Android still costs a pretty penny

Just because iOS users had a 12-year headstart on this game doesn’t mean that Android users are getting it for free. On the Google Play Store, the game costs $9.99. While that’s rather high compared to most apps, you’re still getting a full game. $10 seems worth it if you’re looking to experience this game again.

Now, there are some changes to this port that you should know about. Notably, the game is less consistent because of an omission. In the original game, the actions you take during the game actually affect the boss battles later on. However, the port takes that mechanic out. That was a pretty innovative feature of the time, so it’s weird that the company decided to take it out.

On to the good stuff, Capcom introduced an achievement system to the game. This is neat if you’re into them. Also, it adds more replay value to the game, as you’ll likely go back and replay levels to unlock all of the achievements. Also, Capcom added additional difficulty settings to the game. You’ll have a higher variety of difficulty levels to choose from if you’re a veteran or a newbie.

What’s unfortunate is that this doesn’t support controller input. You only have the option to use the on-screen buttons. That’s a bummer seeing as this game was originally designed to be played with controllers. Also, Android Police pointed to some input issues with the on-screen buttons.  In any case, if you’re looking to play Mega Man X on Android, you can follow the link below.

Mega Man X


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