Meta confirms its own Twitter-like verification badge


Twitter, more specifically Elon Musk, got a lot of flack for making the verification badge a Twitter Blue perk. It also led to some major financial repercussions. So, what is Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg to do? Well, Meta just confirmed its own verification badge.

If you’re unfamiliar with what’s been going on with Twitter, when Elon Musk took over, he made the sought-after verification an automatic perk of the Twitter Blue subscription. This means that if you subscribe, you’re instantly verified. That pretty much defeated the purpose of the badge.

Now, Meta is bringing its own verification badge

This was rumored recently. Hidden within Instagram’s code, we saw some strings that pointed to a verification badge for the photo-sharing platform. Also, there was code for Facebook. While it was only rumor, it didn’t take long for the company to come out and announce it.

According to a new blog post from Meta itself (Via Phone Arena), the company is going to launch its own verification badge. This badge will come with its own set of perks attached. If you think that this sounds similar to Twitter’s take, then you’re not mistaken.

As you can imagine, this is a paid subscription. So far, it looks like there’s only going to be a monthly paid option. If you sign up through the web, you’ll be paying $11.99/month. However, if you go through the Instagram or Facebook app on your phone, the price will jump 25% to $14.99/month.

That’s pretty pricey, but his badge will apply to both Facebook and Instagram. Regardless of the platform, you’ll get the same perks, and one of them might be a bit frustrating.

For starters, since this is verified through your ID, a verification badge means that you are YOU. This will make impersonating you extremely difficult.

Next, you’ll have certain protective services for your account. You’ll have access to account monitoring from the company. Also, you’ll be able to contact an employee about account issues.

The badge will give you access to exclusive features. Since this is still new, we don’t have any word on those features just yet.

This one might upset some people

The last, and probably most frustrating, the feature is that getting the Meta verification badge will give you better reach. That’s right, if you pay, you’ll get a boost in the algorithm. Your account will be accessed easier when it comes to comments, searches, and recommendations. This one will definitely upset a lot of folks who’ve been on the platforms.

Meta will be testing out the badge in Australia and New Zealand. We’ll have to stay tuned for when the company is going to launch it in more markets.


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