MLB.TV announces price increase for the 2023 Season


As we approach the start of Spring Training later this month, the MLB has announced pricing and new features for MLB.TV for the 2023 season. The price is going up this year, though it’s not a huge price increase.

MLB.TV is getting a $10 price increase across the board. So for the full plan, you’re going to be paying $149.99 versus $139.99 in 2022. Now, the MLB is still offering a Single Team option for $129.99, which is also up $10 from $119 last year. MLB.TV is also offering a $24.99 monthly option for watching every game that’s not in your market.

The MLB.TV subscription does include minor league games, so you’ll have access to over 7,000 games throughout the season.

MLB.TV is bringing new features this year

Along with the price increase, MLB.TV is getting some new features this year. Including a new Gameday Mode. Users on select connected devices will have access to advanced data and pitch-by-pitch analysis of the game that they are watching. That’s in addition to the new “MLB Big Inning” that is exclusive to MLB.TV. It offers a viewing experience that is similar to the NFL RedZone. Giving users a chance to look in at different games around the league at the most crucial moments.

MLB.TV will also include pre and post-game shows for the Dodgers, Brewers, Twins and Mets in addition to the other teams it has already offered this for.

MLB.TV is not offering any discounts for the service this year. In previous years, T-Mobile has offered MLB.TV for free to its customers, through its T-Mobile Tuesdays program. It has not yet announced this for 2023, and typically doesn’t until around March. As T-Mobile offers MLB.TV for the regular season and not Spring Training. T-Mobile did renew its contract with the MLB to be the “official wireless provider of Major League Baseball”, so expect MLB.TV to be free again this year.


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