More extensions are coming to Firefox for Android


Browser extensions are one of the main reasons why you’d want to use desktop browsers. However, Firefox is looking to make its Android app more useful with the addition of browser extensions. According to Android Police, the app is finally getting more extensions after a bit of a wait.

Browser extensions on a mobile browser are still a bit of a weird thing. We’re used to installing extensions galore on Chrome for desktop. However, Firefox has a limited list of official browser extensions that users can install to add functionality. This has been in testing for a while, so there aren’t many available at the moment.

Firefox for Android has gotten three new browser extensions

The most notable new extension is the Firefox Relay. This isn’t a new feature. Rather, it’s the browser extension of the service that the company introduced. This is a privacy feature that lets you great “mask email addresses” that you could place in email fields to protect your identity.

This means that, if you put that email address in a site that you don’t trust, that site won’t be able to identify you. Any emails sent to the mask email address will be forwarded to your actual email inbox

It’s a $0.99/month premium tier that you can sign up for. The browser extension brings that functionality to your phone. This makes it a lot more convenient.

The next extension is also to keep you safe online. A lot of the time, the links that you click on have elements in them that are to track you. However, the ClearURL browser extension will look through the link that you paste and get rid of those elements. It will give you a much shorter, yet still functional, link that you can navigate to.

Last, but not least, the next extension is one that you can actually get on Chrome. It’s a read-aloud app that will read full web pages out loud for you. You’re able to convert the web page to speech with one press of a button.

If you want to try out these extensions, you can download Firefox for Android here.


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