New Google Messages notification icon starts popping up


The brand new Google Messages notification icon has finally started popping up for users. This comes three months after Google announced it. As some of you may recall, Google changed the Messages icon entirely.

New Google Messages notification icon is finally appearing for users

The new icon has been present in the Play Store, and Google’s marketing materials since its launch. We don’t know why it took the company so long to push out the notification icon, but it’s here now.

We’re not sure of the scope of this rollout, but I can personally see it, since yesterday evening. You can see what it looks like in the feature image above. It’s basically Google’s new icon, but in a white/dark gray color (depending on the background color), of course.

Google changed the icon design from a small message box type, with some lines inside it, to a bubble-like shape. You can essentially see two message bubbles here, one on top of the other.

Some of you may have preferred the old design, but this one kind of reflects the app’s functionality better, in a way. The whole point of it is chatting. It’s not your regular SMS app, as it includes the RCS functionality as well.

Google Messages app has been around for quite some time

Google Messages has been around for quite some time, even though ‘Google Messages’ is not its original name. Google went through so many chatting apps, that it’s really hard to believe the company will keep this one around.

Considering that Google Messages is the default SMS app on many phones these days, let’s hope Google won’t get any bright ideas. RCS still didn’t take off the way Google hoped it will, but there’s still time.

Google is trying to get Apple on board, but that’s not going well. Apple doesn’t really have a reason to do this, despite the fact Google sees RCS as SMS 2.0, basically. Apple’s iMessage is keeping users in Apple’s ecosystem, so the company really has no reason to adapt RCS.


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