Now Slack is jumping on the AI train


More and more companies are jumping on the AI train, and the conductor seems to be ChatGPT. Salesforce, the company that owns Slack, just announced (via Engadget) a partnership. Both companies are testing a ChatGPT app built for Slack.

It’s no secret that the tech industry is pivoting toward AI technology. Of all the AI tools available, ChatGPT is the most popular one. It’s already been integrated into Microsoft Bing, Snapchat, and probably more platforms. It’s pretty much setting the standard for what AI can do.

There’s a ChatGPT app built with Slack development tools

Now, it’s time for Slack. This isn’t a matter of Slack integrating ChatGPT into its app. Instead, it’s developing a separate app. It’ll be its own app, but it looks like it will heavily resemble the original Slack app. This means that people who use it won’t need to get used to a different interface.

In the app, you’ll mostly use AI to speed up your workflow, it seems. You’ll still use the app as a messaging platform, but there will be some features that are powered by ChatGPT. At the moment, the company is only highlighting two features.

The first feature will let you summarize threads. Salesforce showed off a short GIF illustrating how it works. You’ll just need to click the three-button menu and go to the Summarize thread option. Then, you’ll see a quick summary of the information in the thread.

This feature could be great if there’s a long text thread that you just need a quick recap of. You’ll be able to do that instead of reading all of the messages in the thread.

The next feature will use ChatGPT to draft messages. With this option, it seems that ChatGPT will read through the thread and get a clue about what the conversation is about. Then, it will draft a response it thinks is appropriate.

Along with those, you’ll be able to use ChatGPT as a standard chatbot and get answers to your questions. Just type in an inquiry and it will deliver answers for you.

If you want to sign up for the beta for this app, you can click the link below. It will ask you some standard questions about your Slack workspace and why you’re signing up for the test.

Sign up for the beta


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