One UI 5.1 is causing battery drain on Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Fold 3


Samsung‘s major updates have been pretty much bug-free lately. There haven’t been reports of a buggy One UI 5.0 or One UI 5.1 release for any Galaxy device. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any issues at all. One UI 5.1, in particular, is causing unnatural battery drain for some Galaxy users. The Galaxy S21, Galaxy S22, Galaxy Z Fold 4, and Galaxy Z Fold 3 appear to be the most affected devices.

Samsung started rolling out the One UI 5.1 update to eligible Galaxy devices in the first half of last month. The update came just over a week after it launched the Galaxy S23 series with the new One UI version out of the box, even before they hit store shelves. The company pushed it to most of its recent flagship models within a few days, at least in some markets. Despite the speedy release, the update came free of any major bugs.

But once One UI 5.1 reached a substantial number of Galaxy users, reports started surfacing that the update has severely affected the battery life of the devices. Since the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S22 were the first two phones to pick up the new release, most reports came from users of those devices. But it appears the problem is quite widespread. As Samsung rolled out the update to more models, the volume of such reports has grown. Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Fold 3 users are also seeing a decline in their battery life.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Fold 3 users complain about battery drain after the One UI 5.1 update

Reports compiled by Piunikaweb suggest that both screen time and standby time have gone down since installing One UI 5.1 on these devices. Some people say the update has affected charging speed as well. Their foldable now charges much slower than before. Maybe the rapid battery drain is causing slow charging. Unfortunately, Samsung hasn’t released an official statement about this matter.

Perhaps it’s an expected behavior. After all, higher battery drain after major software updates isn’t uncommon. Devices undergo various optimizations and consume power rapidly. Things should get normal in a few days. However, if your Galaxy S21, Galaxy S22, Galaxy Z Fold 4, or Galaxy Z Fold 3 device, or any other Galaxy model for that matter, continues to drain the battery at an unusual rate several days after the One UI 5.1 update, you should reach out to Samsung for help. You can use the Samsung Members app to send feedback and bug reports. We will let you know if the company officially addresses this problem in the coming days.


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