OnePlus Fold will have a similar form factor to OPPO Find N2


OnePlus has confirmed recently that it will launch its first-ever foldable smartphone in the second half of this year. Many people assumed that it will be identical to the OPPO Find N2, but we’ve received conflicting reports regarding that. According to some fresh info from a trusted source, however, the OnePlus Fold will have a similar form factor to the OPPO Find N2, but it won’t be identical.

The OnePlus Fold will offer a similar form factor to the OPPO Find N2

This information comes from Max Jambor, who is almost never wrong about OnePlus tips. Do note that the phone may not be called the OnePlus Fold, that’s just a guess and a placeholder name.

What does he mean by “similar form factor”? Well, it means that it will lean towards the landscape orientation when unfolded, not vertical like the Galaxy Z Fold 4. That means you won’t have to rotate it when watching video on the main display, for example, to take full advantage of screen real estate.

We’re just not sure how different will it be. There is limited width that OnePlus can use, as the phone cannot be too wide when folded. It may be wider than the OPPO Find N2, though, and thus have a larger form factor, and a larger cover display as a result.

OnePlus’ first foldable will also be a flagship-grade device

We’ll have to wait and see what exactly is OnePlus planning. It’s nice to see a different approach, though, as OPPO is the only one who decided to try out such a form factor. Also, do note that the OnePlus Fold will be a “flagship phone”, as OnePlus said.

Do note that the Google Pixel Fold is also rumored to utilize this form factor. Google’s first foldable is rumored to be considerably larger than the OPPO Find N2, though, so it will likely be quite a bit wider when unfolded.


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