OPPO plans to throw its own SoC into the ring next year


It seems like OPPO plans to throw its own SoC into the ring next year. We’ve already seen a report saying that OPPO is planning to launch its own SoC in 2024, that report arrived at the end of last year. Well, another one just surfaced, kind of confirming what we heard before

OPPO is planning to throw its own SoC into the ring next year

According to a MediaTek executive, who held a speech at a foreign investment forum in Taiwan, OPPO wants its own SoC in order to retain its competitive edge. He also said that OPPO’s chip is coming next year.

Well, he used the term “taped out”, which is a term used in electronics design. It means that the design process for integrated circuits is already completed. OPPO basically has the product ready, and is ready to manufacture it.

Do note that this info is coming from a MediaTek executive, not OPPO itself, but we believe it to be true. He would not just flat out said it, plus there’s the report from last year. On top of that, OPPO already launched its own NPU, and a connectivity chip. The current NPU is the MariSilicon X, and the connectivity chip is called MariSilicon Y.

Having said that, OPPO will need to partner up with an SoC manufacturing company in order to make this happen. TSMC would be a logical choice, but who knows, we’ll have to wait and see.

This will allegedly be a 4nm processor

We still don’t have any specifics on this processor either, other than the fact it’s a 4nm chip. If we had to guess, we’d say OPPO is aiming high. In other words, this is probably a flagship-grade processor, but we’ll have to wait for more information.

This is also not a surprising move, as previous reports claimed that OPPO invested over CNY10 billion ($1.4 billion) in order to set up IC design centers across China.

OPPO has been growing fast in the smartphone market. It has been listed in the top 5 smartphone manufacturers on a global scale for a while now. The company recently brought its clamshell foldable to global markets, and the company has huge plans for its foldable phones too.


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