Plex’s Credits Detection feature will let you skip movie & TV show credits


Marvel movies and TV shows are notorious for including hidden easter eggs and bonus content in the post-credit scenes. However, viewers often have to sit through the lengthy credits to catch these scenes. But now, thanks to Plex’s new Credits Detection feature, viewers can move on to the next episode or title even faster without missing out on any hidden scenes.

Similar to the “skip intros” feature for multi-episode shows, the new Credits Detection feature on Plex can detect where the credits sequence starts in movies and TV shows. Once detected, it displays an on-screen button that allows you to skip them directly to the end or hidden mid-credit scenes when available.

How does the Credits Detection feature work?

While detecting post-credit scenes may sound easy, Plex’s team, in the blog post announcing the feature, stated that they worked tirelessly to tune a machine-learning algorithm that could accurately detect where credits begin and end. This algorithm takes into account various inputs, including text detection and the presence of black frames, to create reliable markers.

“It’s a tricky problem, and there may still be some cases where it doesn’t go exactly to plan, but those cases should be few and far between at this point,” reads the company’s blog post.

Plex’s new Credits Detection feature is available for both personal and free-to-watch content. However, users need to subscribe to Plex Pass, which starts at a monthly fee of $4.99, to access the feature for personal content. It’s also important to note that the company has enabled the feature by default for all library items stored on Plex media servers running version 1.31.0 or newer.

Additionally, Plex has also implemented a convenient backup feature for metadata, ensuring that users can quickly and easily access their content without having to worry about losing their metadata in case of a library rebuild.


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