ROG Phone 6/6 Pro users rejoice, Android 13 is here


Android 13 has made its way to the ROG Phone 6 and ROG Phone 6 Pro. Bringing the latest version of the software to the most recent gaming phone in ASUS’s lineup. A beta version of the software has been available since last year, but there was really no word on when it would be officially pushed out to users as a stable build. It seems that time is now.

In a recent ZenTalk community post, ASUS says the update was to be released on February 21, with the post being about 10 hours old. That means the company started rolling out the update to devices around Midnight. We noticed the update being available for download on our device a little earlier this morning. So it should be coming to many or most users throughout the day.

ASUS does note however that it could take “some days” before every device has been updated. If you don’t have it on your own device yet, keep an eye out for the alert. Or manually check from the settings menu periodically throughout the week.

Android 13 ushers in some QOL changes for ROG Phone 6 owners

In your day to day, you probably won’t notice a TON of changes between Android 13 and Android 12. The two versions of software are pretty similar. Although, there are definitely some nice quality of life changes the phone now has. For example, there is now an easily accessible button for managing your active apps. This can be found in the quick settings menu by dragging down the notification shade.

It tells you how many active apps you have running in the background and tapping on it shows which apps those are. You can then “stop” those apps from the same pop-up. It’s minor, but definitely an added convenience. And in the official changelog ASUS notes that users now have access to the new ROG UI design. You can read the full changelog here.


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