Samsung launches portable speaker with 12-hour battery life


Samsung has launched a new portable speaker, its first major audio product of 2023. The Sound Tower MX-ST45B is a funky-looking triangular speaker with a massive internal battery that lasts up to 12 hours, at least according to the company’s internal tests. It offers Bluetooth multi-connection as well as analog input.

Samsung’s brand-new Sound Tower MX-ST45B is a chunky speaker measuring 281.0 x 562.0 x 256.0mm in dimension and weighing a whopping eight kilograms (approx. 17.6 pounds). When connected to a power source, it can deliver up to 160W RMS output. That drops to 80W RMS on battery power, though. The company is seemingly cutting the speaker’s energy output to conserve battery.

This dual-channel speaker offers bi-directional sound, making it an ideal solution for large gatherings such as parties. It boasts USB input along with a 3.5mm jack and Bluetooth and supports most audio codecs. Samsung ships the Sound Tower MX-ST45B with a battery-powered remote controller. Thanks to Bluetooth multi-connection, you can connect two smartphones simultaneously and music from either device.

With Samsung’s Sound Tower app, you can optimize the sound output according to your liking. You can choose from a variety of effects and settings for your musical style. The speaker also connects to your TV via Bluetooth so you can enjoy content in a whole new way. The Sound Tower MX-ST45B has built-in multi-color LED lights that match the music to further elevate your content consumption. These lights can also be manually configured through the Sound Tower app.

If you already have a compatible Samsung speaker lying in your house, you can connect it to the Sound Tower MX-ST45B and wirelessly sync music between the two. The new speaker supports wirelessly syncing with up to ten other Samsung speakers. Now that’ll take your music experience to a whole new level. Outdoor parties will no longer be dull. And speaking of outdoor use, this speaker boasts an IPX5 rating for water resistance. It can withstand low-pressure freshwater jets. Don’t submerge it in the pool, though.

Samsung Sound Tower MX-ST45B price and availability

Samsung has launched the Sound Tower MX-ST45B in Brazil. The speaker is priced at BRL 2,999 (roughly $580) and is available through the company’s online store and major retailers throughout the country. The firm is offering six months of free Spotify subscription to buyers until March 15. However, it hasn’t said anything about the availability of the Sound Tower MX-ST45B in other markets. You can check out the speaker on Samsung’s official website for Brazil here.


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