Samsung makes Bixby faster and more intelligent with new update


Samsung has announced a major update for its digital voice assistant Bixby. The AI-powered tool, which functions similarly to Google Assistant or Apple’s Siri, is getting new features and improvements that make it faster and more intelligent. The company says the changes will significantly elevate the Bixby experience for users.

For starters, Bixby now supports custom wake-up phrases. If you’re tired of saying “Hey Bixby,” you can delve into settings and create your own unique phrase to summon the voice assistant. And, once it wakes up, it does a better job at listening to your commands as well. Samsung says “Bixby can provide more seamless continuity” during conversations. It can better understand the context when you make certain commands depending on your words or previous commands.

For example, you can “Play music for this workout” after starting a workout on Samsung Health and Bixby will know precisely what you are asking for. This improved continuity also works for tasks related to weather, messages, calendar, and more. And many of those queries are now processed locally on the device. Samsung has upgraded Bixby’s on-device AI applications to process commands for setting a timer, taking a screenshot, or turning on the flashlight offline on the device itself.

Bixby Text Call adds support for custom voice

Bixby Text Call is one of the more useful features of Samsung’s AI assistant. It transcribes live audio calls in real time. If you receive a call in a situation where you can’t speak or listen but still want to attend it, you can use Bixby Text Call to get a text version of everything the caller says on your phone’s screen. You can respond by typing a message, which Bixby will convert into audio and relay to the caller.

Samsung debuted this feature in South Korea last year. It was available to users with One UI 4.1.1 and worked for calls in Korean. With the One UI 5.1 update, the company has rolled out the feature globally and added support for English. It is now adding custom voice support to Bixby Text Call. A new Bixby Custom Voice Creator tool will let you train the AI assistant to copy your voice and tone. It will then relay the audio version of your text responses in that voice.

This feature will initially be limited to Korean users. But, Samsung plans to bring it to more people and support more languages in the future. It will also expand the applications of your AI-generated voice beyond phone calls, and to other Samsung apps. While we will have to patiently wait for that, the latest additions to Bixby will start rolling out to compatible Galaxy smartphones and tablets soon.


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