Samsung says Galaxy S23 Ultra doesn’t have a screen defect


Samsung has responded to reports that the Galaxy S23 Ultra has a screen defect. The company has rubbished the claims saying that what people are calling a manufacturing defect is a protection layer on the display. The phone is perfectly fine. There’s no reason for buyers to worry.

Samsung launched the Galaxy S23 series on February 1 and immediately started taking pre-orders for the devices. The new Galaxy flagships started reaching their first customers last week amid positive word of mouth from reviewers.

But some early buyers of the Galaxy S23 Ultra noticed some sort of bubble or deformity on the screen. The deformity appeared either on the bottom left or right corner of the display and can be seen under direct light. For some, it was present on both sides.

Soon, online platforms like Reddit, Twitter, and Samsung’s own community forums were full of complaints from Galaxy S23 Ultra users. Many said they returned the phone and asked for a replacement unit. Some people noticed that every unit in their nearby retail stores had the same display “defect”.

The situation became very alarming for prospective Galaxy S23 Ultra buyers. After all, we were talking about an ultra-expensive Samsung smartphone costing $1,200 and more.

This turns out to be a false alarm, according to the company. The Galaxy S23 Ultra has no screen defect, Samsung confirmed. Responding to a user complaint on Twitter, the company said that the phone has “several laminated layers of window glass” on top of the display. These layers are pressed firmly to ensure waterproofing and dust proofing.

This pressing process may sometimes make the laminated layer appear “squashed” under direct light. But there’s nothing to be worried about. “This is not a product defect. Everything is fine with your phone,” Samsung’s customer service said.

This screen “defect” is not new to the Galaxy S23 Ultra

It may have become more apparent this time around, but these “deformities” are not new to Samsung phones. The Galaxy S22 series had similar bubbles or lines on the display last year. Earlier Galaxy flagships likely had those too.

The Korean firm has a dedicated support document explaining the issue. The document, which was published last year, says that the lines may appear due to the refraction of light.

More importantly, they don’t affect the functionality of the phone or the display. If you notice anything as such on your brand-new Galaxy S23 Ultra, you can simply ignore it and keep using the device.


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