Save $1,300 on the Hisense PX1 4K UST Projector


Today, Amazon has a great discount on the Hisense PX1 4K UST Projector. It’s now listed at $1,999, which is going to save you $1,300 off of its regular price. That is good enough for an all-time low, and a really great price in general.

This is a triple-laser ultra-short throw projector from Hisense that can provide up to a 130-inch display in your home. All that for under $2,000 is pretty good. The PX1 uses pure red, green and blue lasers, which allows it to produce 107% of the BT.2020 color space. Something that even TVs are not able to do. So if you want a great color reproduction, this is the route to go.

Something that you really need to look at with these projectors is the brightness. A lot of the time, these projectors are not very bright, and are almost unusable during the day. But with the PX1, there’s a brightness of 2,000 lumens. Not the brightest we’ve seen on a projector, but it is very good nonetheless. We’ve actually reviewed the PX1, and it is plenty bright. Just don’t let direct sunlight hit it, then it’ll be tougher to see. But some light is still okay.

As far as the sound goes, Hisense has included a 30W Dolby Atmos sound system in the PX1. It sounds really great, but you do have the option of using your own sound system if you wish. There’s plenty of ports here, including two HDMI ports with one doing eARC for soundbars. There’s also a USB-A port, LAN, and an antenna/cable port available. It would be nice to get another HDMI port or two for additional peripherals.

You can pick up the Hisense PX1 4K UST Projector from Amazon today by clicking here. It’s unclear how long this sale is going to last, so you’ll want to be quick here.

Hisense PX1 – Amazon


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