Save $50 on the Instant Electric Dutch Oven


Amazon is currently taking $50 off of the Instant Dutch Oven. That brings it down to just $179. That’s not quite an all-time low, about $30 short of one. But we likely won’t see it hitting that price again until Prime Day in June, or possibly Black Friday in November.

The Instant Dutch Oven is electric, as you might expect. It’s fairly large, at 6-quarts as well. So it’s big enough for a full family. This is a 5-in-1 appliance, like most of Instant’s products. So it can Braise, Slow Cook, Sear/Saute, Cook, and warm your food.

Instant does include a nice recipe book with this purchase, so you can take full advantage of your new Dutch Oven.

It’s a functional and stylish product, so you can take it directly to the table or to a potluck, without it looking like an ugly pot. As mentioned, it does have a pretty large capacity, at 6-quarts it is large enough to feed six people. Finally, the Instant Dutch oven is dishwasher safe. So you can put the cooking pot and lid in the dishwasher, making for an easy cleanup. The base cannot go in the dishwasher due to the power cord being attached, of course.

This is a great gift to pick up this holiday season for your mom or dad, or someone that likes to do a lot of cooking. And while $149 might seem a bit steep, considering there are others that work on the stove for around $50, remember that this is electric. So it won’t take up space on the stove, and can be taken camping and such, with ease.

You can pick up the Instant Electric 5-in-1 Dutch Oven from Amazon today by clicking here. This sale is not going to last long, so you’ll want to be quick with this sale here.

Instant Dutch Oven – Amazon


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