Snag a MacBook Pro 14″ Now and Save $400


The MacBook Pro 14″ is available for one of the best prices we’ve ever seen.

Macbook Pro 14 inch

Apple MacBook Pro 14 (2021)

Saving $400 on a brand new MacBook Pro 14″ laptop is ideal, especially since we don’t often see Apple computers getting such a discount.

If you’ve been looking for a new laptop, then the MacBook Pro 14″ is the right choice. Not only is this an excellent laptop, but it’s also $400 cheaper than the MSRP of $2,000.

Launched in 2021, the MacBook Pro 14 features the M1 Pro chip from Apple, guaranteeing you’ll have a great experience when using your laptop, whether you’re using it for work, studying, or playing. It’s the perfect choice of laptop even if you want to start creating digital designs or taking on programming.

The Right Laptop for the Right Job

The MacBook Pro laptop has a 14.2″ screen with a massive resolution of 3024 x 1964 pixels. The display is easily one of the best in the world. The Liquid Retina XDR display allows a refresh rate of 120Hz, incredible colors, fantastic images even in direct sunlight, and a general great experience.

The $1,600 laptop comes with 512 GB of storage space, so you’ll have plenty of room to save all your documents, download files, and so on. If you want to go for the 1GB storage space option, you’ll end up paying $2,099, down from $2,499. Both models come with 16GB of RAM that will make the laptop super speedy through any task you may throw at it.

This is a high-end laptop and you’ll feel that immediately. While the laptop is a bit thicker and heavier than Air models, this also means your device will cool off better. Yet, the laptop is still super portable and will fit neatly in your bag anywhere you may need to go.

MacBook Pro 14-inch on a white table.

Another area where the MacBook Pro 14″ shines is the battery life. This is a laptop that will play videos for 17 hours straight, and will last for up to 11 hours of web browsing, and more. If you take this one with you to work remotely from a coffee shop, you don’t even have to worry about taking the charger with you if you have the battery up to 100% before you leave.

Even though we expect to see a new Apple laptop launched sometime this year, it’s still worth paying $1,600 for the 2021 model simply because it’s an excellent laptop. Plus, the new models will surely be super pricey from the get-go.

The $400 discount is only available on Best Buy, as far as we could find. You can lower that price further by trading in an older laptop, if you want, but you’ll need to go through the process on the Best Buy website to get an estimate on its value. You’ll also get some bonuses with your purchase, like three months of Apple TV+, four months of Apple Music, and three months of iCloud+ access.


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