Some Older Samsung Phones Are Getting This Great New Gaming Feature From the S23


Galaxy phones like the S22 series and the Fold range are receiving an update that should deliver better gaming performance and help save battery life.

When the Galaxy S23 series launched, it brought several big software improvements, many of which will eventually make their way to older Galaxy phones.

Now, the most useful of the S23’s gaming features is rolling out to devices like the S22 and the Galaxy Fold range. Called “Pause USB Power Delivery,” it should deliver more powerful gaming performance as well as extend the lifespan of your battery.

What Is “Pause USB Power Delivery”?

The Game Booster settings in the Galaxy S23 series come with an option called “Pause USB Power Delivery”. Despite the unassuming name, and the fact that it’s literally just a toggle that you turn on or off, it brings a big improvement in gaming on Galaxy devices.

An essential feature on dedicated gaming phones, it means that when you play games with the phone plugged in, the battery won’t charge. Instead, the power goes directly to the phone. This delivers better gaming performance because the processor receives more power and is less likely to throttle because the phone won’t get as hot as it otherwise would.

A charging battery is one of the biggest sources of heat while gaming, and is also one of the main factors that reduces its lifespan. If you’re a regular gamer, you’ll want to turn the feature on to reduce wear and tear.

pause usb power delivery
Image Credit: Android Police

Android Police reports that the feature is now rolling out to a number of older Galaxy phones, including the Galaxy S22 series, the Galaxy Z Fold 2, 3, and 4, and the Galaxy A73 5G. It arrives not as a system update, but as an update to the Game Booster app, and it isn’t yet known if it will become available to more devices in the future.

The phone needs to be charged to at least 20% for the feature to work. Although some users have said that it requires Samsung’s official charger, AP has confirmed that a third-party 45W charger works just as well with the S22 Ultra.

Gaming Is Getting Better on a Samsung Phone

Samsung Galaxy phones have loads of features that help to make the brand really well suited to gaming. As well as a growing number of optimization features that can either boost performance or extend battery life, there’s also the Game Launcher that helps you manage your game library and play without distractions.


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