Some Pixel 7 Pro users are reporting their volume buttons falling off


The Pixel 7 and 7 Pro are undoubtedly one of the best phones to have launched last year and have received widespread praise from the tech world for their excellent software and cameras. However, just like every other phone from Google, the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro have had several hardware issues over their short lifetime. Last month, reports of camera glass shattering for no apparent reason began to surface, and now some users have started to report their volume button falling off randomly on the Pixel 7 Pro.

Unlike the camera-shattering issue, this issue is interestingly exclusive to the Pixel 7 Pro. So far, based on Reddit and Google Support pages, only a limited number of users have experienced this issue, but there is no logical explanation for why it is happening.

The issue was first reported by Nick Sutrich from Android Central when his Pixel 7 Pro’s volume button fell off. While some users, like Nick, were able to reattach the volume button to the phone, many reported that it remained loose and felt crunchy. On the other hand, some users even reported the volume button refusing to stay in place no matter what they do.

Google is not willing to cover the issue under warranty

However, unlike the camera shattering issue where Google offered to replace the phones of many affected users, in this case, Reddit users who contacted the company were told that the issue would not be covered under warranty, as this is due to the “mishandling” of the phones.

This raises some concerns among Pixel 7 Pro users, as they did not expect to encounter these hardware issues just a few months after the launch. Until Google offers a solution to the problem, users should be mindful of this potential problem and consider using a high-quality case. This will not only protect the phone from potential damage but also give the volume button added protection.


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