Spotify will let you exclude playlists from your taste profile


Streaming services like Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, etc. are all about curating content for you. They take your listening history and use it to build a profile on you to deliver the music most suited to your tastes. Spotify now lets you exclude playlists from your Taste Profile. This helps you better curate music for your specific tastes.

If you use Spotify, then you should have a pretty well-tuned Taste Profile on you. That’s just what the company calls the profile it builds up as you listen to music. It’s what the company uses to recommend songs, albums, and artists to you. The more you listen, the more fine-tuned the profile will be.

Spotify lets you exclude playlists from your Taste Profile

The Taste Profile is great if you’re listening to music that you like, but sometimes, other music can slip through. Say, you listen to pop and jazz, but your kid grabs your phone and listens to hours of Disney soundtracks. Maybe, you just need to listen to a specific type of music temporarily. In any case, the app is going to add that to your profile.

Fortunately, Spotify just announced that it’s rolling out a change to let you exclude songs from your Taste Profile. While you can exclude those playlists from your profile, it won’t make them disappear. You can still access them from your home screen. Also, “liked” songs will not be affected.

When you exclude a playlist, you’ll be able to listen to it as many times as you want without it affecting your profile. It basically scrubs it from your listening history.

If you want to exclude a playlist from your profile, go to the playlist and tap on the three-dot menu. From that dropdown, you should see the Exclude from profile button. It’s as simple as that, but you might not see this feature just yet. The company is still rolling out the feature, so you’ll want to wait a little bit if you don’t see it.


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