Take on the Witness with this SteelSeries Destiny 2 collection


Destiny 2 and its upcoming Lightfall expansion are just around the corner, and SteelSeries is here to help you prepare with a brand-new limited-edition collection of accessories. Like all its limited-edition collections, the Destiny 2: Lightfall collection includes a range of different peripherals (gaming headsets, mice, and more) designed around the theme of the content.

And if you’re an avid Destiny 2 player in need of a gear upgrade, what better way to prepare to take on the Witness than with the Lightfall collection? The Destiny 2: Lightfall collection includes an Arctis 7+ wireless headset, an Aerox 5 wireless gaming mouse, a QcK Prism XL mousepad, KontrolFreak performance thumbsticks, and the Nova Pro Booster Pack.

The thumbsticks, by the way, come in a special metal case designed to look like the Traveler. So even if you don’t use a controller to play, they make a solid collector’s item. The thumbsticks also come in four variants. The Strand Edition which comes in a PS5 or Xbox version, and the Collector’s Edition which comes in a PS5 or Xbox version. Only the Collector’s Edition comes with the case. Unfortunately, all variants are currently out of stock. At least from SteelSeries. You can however grab them both from KontrolFreak. The Strand Edition retails for $19.99, and the Collector’s Edition is $29.99.

As for the other accessories, the Arctis 7+ Wireless is $179.99, the Aerox 5 Wireless is $149.99, the QcK Prism XL is $69.99, and the Nova Pro Booster Pack is $34.99. All accessories are live on the site save for the Nova Pro Booster Pack. So it’s possible that this may have not been released just yet.

SteelSeries worked with Destiny 2 sound designers to create a special Sonar audio suite

Now, this isn’t unique to the Lightfall collection. The Destiny 2 Sonar audio software suite has actually been available since the launch of the Nova Pro Wireless headset and the Sonar software that came along with it. However, there’s no better time to mention it than now. With Lightfall just a couple of weeks away.

This preset audio setting amplifies the sounds of the game to really make it feel a little more like a living world that you’re a part of. And if you have a headset that supports the Sonar software, it’s highly recommended to use this setting.

SteelSeries Destiny 2: Lightfall Collection


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