The 10 Best Dialer Apps for Android


A modern smartphone might have a ton of features, but making phone calls is still one of its primary functions. And, for that, you need a dialer app.

Stock dialers are not always feature-rich. Besides, you might just be tired of using the same app. The good news is that you can install third-party apps that offer some additional features, along with giving your dialer a new look. So, let’s look at the ten best dialer apps for Android on Google Play.

1. Phone by Google

When it comes to providing a solution to its users, Google always comes up with something good, and its feature-rich Phone by Google app is the default dialer on many Android devices.

This app allows you to block spam calls, and it identifies unknown callers with Google’s Caller ID. You can also listen to your voicemails and delete them quickly from within the app. With its emergency contact feature, you can send your current location and details to others.

You can even record calls with Phone by Google in some locations. Before trying this feature, it’s best to first check whether call recording is legal in your region. This dialer app is free. Though some of its features, such as Caller ID information, are only available in certain countries.

Download: Phone by Google (Free)

2. True Phone

True Phone is an old-school-looking dialer for Android. However, it has useful features for contact management, with support for customizing any contact details like birthdays or jobs, along with adding a photo that appears on the call screen.

True Phone also allows you to customize the dialer screen with different styles. You can easily view recent calls, favorites, and contacts with just a single tap. In addition, you can customize its look with different built-in themes or by creating your own theme.

True Phone provides all features for free, though there are ads in the free version. You can remove these through in-app purchases.

Download: True Phone (Free, in-app purchases available)

3. Drupe

Drupe is a unique-looking dialer app with some powerful features. Its innovative UI design sets it apart from its rivals.

You can access Drupe from any app by swiping the dots it overlays on the screen. It also lets you configure how the app behaves when your call ends. In addition, you can also use its Caller ID feature.

Drupe provides all the above features for free. It also has a pro version that offers a driving mode that automatically activates when you start moving at a certain speed. This feature makes app accessibility easy so that you can minimize any harm. Call blocking is also limited to the pro version.

Download: Drupe (Free, in-app purchases available)

4. Easy Phone

Easy Phone is a free app with no ads that allows you to make a user ID to verify users and provide authentic caller identification and spam information. Other than the usual dialer features, you can also customize the app with multiple themes and styles.

Easy Phone has a modern-looking T9 keypad. In addition, you can use it to easily manage your calls, access favorite contacts, edit contacts in different languages, and activate the missed calls notification feature.

Download: Easy Phone (Free)

5. Simple Dialer

Simple Dialer has all the basic features that you’d expect from an app in this category, along with some handy customization options. You can even make group calls with contacts in your call log.

The app has an easy-to-use speed dial feature for your convenience. And another interesting option it offers is the ability to enable or disable the proximity sensor during calls.

Simple Dialer has no ads. All of its features are free except the themes, which you can purchase separately.

Download: Simple Dialer (Free)

6. ACR Phone

ACR Phone provides you with a modern and clean interface that is somewhat similar to Phone by Google. With this app, you get both dialer and spam call-blocking features. In addition, you can create contact groups for related contacts like family or work and enable the call announcement option from the settings.

The app also lets you set up a backup for your call data. To do so, go to Settings > Backup and choose the folder on your phone where you want to store the backup. Other than that, there is the recording functionality, which you should only use if it’s allowed in your region.

Download: ACR Phone (Free, in-app purchases available)

7. Facetocall

Facetocall focuses on ease of use. Its large-buttoned interface aids accessibility and the app includes dialer and contact management features. The app automatically finds your favorite contacts based on your call logs and lets you quickly merge duplicate contacts to reduce contact-searching hassle.

This dialer has a premium subscription that provides advanced features such as blocking anonymous calls, certain contacts, specific numbers, and calls by region code. The premium version also allows you to add important contacts as VIPs—the phone automatically rings to maximum volume when a VIP contact calls.

Download: Facetocall (Free, in-app purchases available)

8. Smart Notify

Smart Notify is an all-in-one dialer app with a lot of features. This app can manage your SMS, call logs, contacts, events, and reminders.

Smart Notify offers a minimal T9 keypad and lets you search for recent calls and contacts. It also provides fully customizable widgets and popup windows to improve usability. With its fast call and SMS feature, you can access frequent contacts with one tap.

Smart Notify provides some premium features as well. Car Mode is one such feature that allows easy access to the app with an always-on display and large buttons.

Download: Smart Notify (Free) | Smart Notify Unlocker ($3.99)

9. Right Dialer by Goodwy

Right Dialer looks like an iOS dialer. It provides a clean design for better usability, and you can customize the default tab that appears when you open the app.

The app has a speed-dial feature, and you can also disable the proximity sensor during calls. It also offers group calling and lets you add a confirmation dialog before calls. Right Dialer provides all its features for free except for the themes and backgrounds.

Download: Right Dialer (Free)

10. iCallScreen

iCallScreen is another iOS-style phone and contact app. It has unique features like setting custom videos and wallpapers as call backgrounds. You can also set iOS ringtones from within the app. Moreover, with its call blocker features, you can block contacts or foreign numbers.

iCallScreen has a clean phone dialer with T9 search and speed-dialing features. You can also use its fake call feature, so you can receive a dummy call if you ever need to. You can name and assign a number to it before scheduling the call.

iCallScreen has a paid version that provides premium wallpaper access and a premium call button. It also removes ads and gives you access to extra ringtones.

Download: iCallScreen (Free, in-app purchases available)

Take Your Dialer Experience to the Next Level

You might not have thought about changing your dialer app before. But the different features and designs that these apps offer make it worth doing.

Each of the apps mentioned above offers some unique features, and most of them provide basic options for free. And with their advanced features, they can make call management easier for you.


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