The 15-inch MacBook Air is coming in April


It appears that the new 15-inch MacBook Air is set to be announced in April. This is based on information released by display industry analyst Ross Young. Who has said that the display production for this model is underway.

The April time-frame doesn’t sound as crazy as you might think. Apple does typically have an event around March/April to announce their Spring products. Usually including a new color for the iPhone (purple and green in recent years), along with new spring bands for the Apple Watch and some other features. So to see the 15-inch MacBook Air announced here would not be a surprised.

People want a larger MacBook Air

Currently, with the Apple Silicon transition, Apple is actually missing a spot in their laptop lineup. Those that want something larger than a 14-inch laptop, have to pony up and buy the 16-inch MacBook Pro with a M2 Pro chipset inside, which is close to $3,000. But what about an entry-level type laptop, with a 15-inch display? That’s what the MacBook Air 15 could really solve for Apple. And it could even be under $2,000. Especially since it would use the M2 most likely.

With it coming in April, we could see it sticking with the M2, or jumping to the M3. Apparently, the M3 is just about ready, and it is going to be on the next-generation 3nm process from TSMC. Whereas the M2 is really just a critiqued version of the M1. So it’s more of a stop-gap for Apple.

Now there’s also the chance that Apple could opt to announce this at WWDC in June. Sometimes Apple does unveil hardware there, but not all of the time. It’s every once in a while, but that is likely where the new Mac Pro will be announced, the last Mac that needs Apple Silicon.


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