The 7 Best FPS Boosters for Windows 10


Most modern games come with high-quality graphics and require high-end PCs to ensure they can be played smoothly. These high-end PCs are equipped with video cards that perform various functions like anti-aliasing, VSync, and frame rate boosting.

Of course, not all these PCs are readily affordable. However, that shouldn’t prevent users with low-end PCs from enjoying the high-quality graphics modern games offer. Luckily, there are FPS-boosting programs on the market to smoothen your gaming experience on Windows.

What Is a Frame Rate in Video Games?

A game’s FPS, or frames per second, is a measure of how many images or pictures appear on-screen within a second. These video games play back these frames so quickly that you (ideally) don’t notice each frame. The higher the FPS, the smoother your game will look.

FPS boosting software optimizes your computer to process graphics better. They are not only useful in gaming but also in other graphics-intensive processes like video editing and 3D rendering.

Here are some of the best software to improve gaming graphics and help you enjoy your games better.

1. Razer Cortex: Boost

Razer cortex home page

Razer Cortex is a free FPS-boosting software designed to enhance your gaming experience. It automatically runs when you launch your game and auto-restores your PC to its previous state when you’re done gaming.

Razer Cortex provides two methods of maximizing your FPS. The Game Booster force closes unused apps, processes, and services. It also disables automatic updates, cleans the RAM, and turns off sleep mode so your PC can use the full CPU resources.

Booster Prime optimizes individual games installed on your PC and even provides optimization presets for games yet to be installed.

Razer Booster Prime Menu

The other method of maximizing your FPS, System Booster, scans and cleans junk files from your PC. You can select which files to clean and schedule regular cleanup sessions. In addition, the System Booster defragments game files and provides accurate information about your hardware.

Finally, Razer Cortex provides a discrete, in-game FPS monitor that lets you track, test, and tune your FPS settings.

Download: Razer Cortex (Free)

2. Advanced System Optimizer

Advanced System Optimizer Home Page

Advanced System Optimizer is another top utility tool to boost PC performance and increase FPS. It provides several optimization features, including a registry optimizer, disk cleaner, driver updater, and PC optimizer.

The registry optimizer repairs Windows registry issues to prevent unwanted crashes. It also deletes unused files to keep the registry compact for smooth PC performance. You can manually scan your PC registry or schedule automatic cleanups.

The PC optimizer allows you to select specific games for optimization and even remap keys when playing them. In addition, it automatically frees up unused RAM, so your games can better utilize them. It also frees up hard disk space by scanning your PC for duplicate files and deleting them.

ASO PC Optimizer submenu

Advanced System Optimizer downloads and installs updated drivers for all your devices automatically. It can also fix disk fragmentation and replace broken or missing DLLs. What’s more, it provides internet security as you stream your video games.

To save time performing optimizations, Advanced System Optimizer provides a Smart PC Care button that runs all tools simultaneously. It also includes a scheduler that runs automatic scans for regular PC optimization.

Download: Advanced System Optimizer (Free, premium version available)

3. MSI Afterburner

MSI afterburner PC Info Page

MSI Afterburner is a booster software for tweaking GPU settings to improve game performance and increase FPS. It is primarily an overclocking tool but can also monitor hardware and give real-time feedback on your PC’s performance. It is compatible with any video card and even low-end PCs without any video cards.

MSI Afterburner allows you to control your GPU’s clock frequency and voltage. It also provides precise control over your fan speed to balance temperature and performance.

Furthermore, Afterburner’s One-Click Scanner scans your PC and finds the highest overclocking settings while keeping your GPU stable.

If you’re interested in the overclocking side of PC optimization, check out the best GPU overclocking tools to squeeze out every drop of performance.

Download: MSI Afterburner (Free)

4. Wise Game Booster

Wise Game Booster home page

Wise Game Booster improves FPS by optimizing PC settings and terminating unnecessary apps and services. As a result, your PC allocates more system resources to the game you’re playing.

You can add games and other related apps to Wise Game Booster’s My games list, so you can manage their optimization settings and check their information. While it can automatically end background processes, this software allows advanced users to perform this operation manually.

To reduce the risk of inadvertently disabling a critical system service, Wise Game Booster provides valuable suggestions for which processes to end. In addition, it allows you to restore your PC to a previously saved state before use.

Wise Game Booster also adjusts your settings for non-gaming activities like video editing and 3D rendering.

Download: Wise Game Booster (Free)

5. EZ Game Booster

EZ Game Booster Home Menu

Few FPS booster software can match the number of features EZ Game Booster provides. It provides up to 50 tweaks to improve system stability, network, and speed. For example, you can optimize your PC and unpark CPU cores.

EZ Game Booster also allows you to defragment game files to reduce loading times and improve the performance of games and other programs. It also provides shortcuts to vital Windows tools, including DirectX Diagnostics, Task Manager, and Performance monitor.

If you want increased control over your PC, this software provides a God Mode that displays all low-level Windows settings in a single location. Additionally, you can track CPU, Drive, GPU, and RAM resource usage from a user-friendly monitor.

EZ Game Booster has an attractive black, blue, and white UI that makes navigation easy. This, coupled with its quick access panels on either side of the screen, allows for easy modification and expanded details.

Download: EZ Game Booster (Free, premium version available)

6. Smart Game Booster

Smart Game Booster menu

Like other effective FPS boosters, Smart Game Booster gives you premium gaming performance by redirecting your PC’s GPU and CPU resources for smoother gameplay and animation. It provides a Boost feature that lets you overclock your hardware at the tap of a button.

Smart Game Booster allows you to customize which optimization settings Boost executes when you press the button. Because of its fewer tweak options, it’s a good choice for beginners who don’t know how to make complex customizations and want the software to handle the small details.

Other useful features Smart Game Booster provides include streaming, anti-malware, automatic driver updates, and a PC game recorder. Additionally, it allows you to search through websites you can use to download games and match your PC with compatible ones.

Download: Smart Game Booster (Free)

7. NVIDIA GeForce Experience

NVIDIA Geforce Experience Home Page

Nvidia GeForce Experience is the primary software for interacting with NVIDIA GPUs. It performs automatic driver updates and optimizes games and apps. Moreover, it provides the popular NVIDIA Shadow Play for 8K game recordings, broadcasts, and screenshots.

GeForce Experience is one of the most accessible FPS boosters for gaming enthusiasts. It provides simple but powerful settings and can automatically optimize games as soon as you install them.

To boost a game’s FPS, simply add it to GeForce Experience (see how to add a game to GeForce Experience for more information). Then, open its Details, and click the Optimize button.

NVIDIA Geforce experience optimization page

However, if you’re more experienced, you can manually tweak the settings to get the perfect balance between performance and graphics.

Download: GeForce Experience (Free)

Choosing the Best FPS Software for You

Using a low-end pc shouldn’t stop you from getting the most fun out of your games. Newer video games with higher system requirements are released yearly. Consequently, an FPS boost with this software would help you enjoy them better.


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