The Best Samsung Galaxy S23+ Case Deals


The new Galaxy S23+ is a great phone and it needs the protection a case can give it

The Galaxy S23 series is finally out and the long-awaited phones are getting delivered. Now, when you spend $1,000 on a smartphone, you want to ensure that you can protect it adequately so you don’t end up with a broken screen within the first week.

The new Samsung Galaxy S23 and S23+ come with some spectacular features, while the S23 Ultra is a flagship phone that deserves all your attention.

Samsung Galaxy S23+ Details

If you enjoyed the Galaxy S23, then you’ll certainly enjoy the S23+ too, because it’s pretty much the same phone with a larger screen.

The Samsung Galaxy S23+ features a 6.6-inch display, something that makes the phone about an ounce heavier than the S22 model. The phone measures 6.21 x 3 x 0.3 inches and weights a total of 6.91 ounces. The 6.6-inch display has a 120Hz adaptive refresh rate, so you’ll be able to play some pretty fast-paced games with no lag.

Under the hood, you can find a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 CPU and 8GB of RAM. The S23+ comes in two storage options, namely 256GB and 512GB. For this model, they chose a 4,700mAh battery to ensure the phone will live through the day even with a 6.6-inch screen.

The Samsung Galaxy S23+ features a 50MP triple camera system on the back and a 12MP cam on the front. Samsung promises you’ll take stunning pics with this phone, so we’re eager to see how they turn up.

Samsung Galaxy S23+-2

We’re going to take a quick look at some of the best cases we could find for your new Galaxy S23+. Some of these already have discounts available, whether applied directly or in the form of coupons you have to opt for.

Best Samsung Galaxy S23+ Case Deals


    SPIDERCASE for Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus

    If your ideal protection for a new phone is to go full-coverage, then the Spidercase option is perfect for you. This one has a built-in screen protector that attaches to the case, completely covering the display. The back is also fully covered, including the camera lenses, which you’ll want to protect from scratches. The benefit of going for such a heavy-duty case is that you’ll double your phone’s water and dust protection.

  • Oterkin samsung galaxy s23+

    Oterkin Clear Case for Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus

    If you want to pretend your phone is not actually wearing a case so you can see the pretty back of your new Galaxy S23+, then a clear case may be the best solution. This case from Oterkin features anti-yellowing technology, so you shouldn’t worry about the case turning color anytime soon. The case will protect your phone from 10-foot drops, and the raised edges will also help keep the screen from getting damaged. As a bonus, however, you’ll get two tempered glass screen protectors you can apply yourself.

  • oterkin samsung galaxy s23+ heavy duty

    Oterkin Heavy Duty Case for Samsung Galaxy S23+

    How do you feel about a case that will give you protection against accidents and privacy at the same time? Well, the Oterkin case is fully heavy-duty, protecting your phone against falls. There are also two tempered screen protectors you can apply to your display, so that’s covered too. Then, the back of the case features a slide you can use to cover your cameras for extra privacy but also to protect the lenses. Plus, the case comes with a 360-degree adjustable kickstand!

  • Crave Dual Guard

    Crave Dual Guard for Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus

    If you want a bit of color in your life, then the Crave Dual Guard case may be the right one for you. This one is sleek, the material makes it easy to grip the phone without it slipping from your hand. The Crave case offers shock protection, meaning that it won’t break when you drop it to the floor. You can get this one in multiple colors, including forest green, lilac, navy, red, gray, black, berry pink, and aqua.

  • temdan case for samsung galaxy s23+

    Temdan Full Body Case for Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus

    A case that will protect your phone on all sides is perfect for folks who tend to drop their phones a lot (or who have kids that are less than careful when watching YouTube Kids). Not only will this heavy-duty Temdan case protect the back of your phone, but the display is also covered with a built-in protector. While wearing this case, your brand new Galaxy S23+ should be more than safe even after 12-foot drops.

  • FNTCASE Samsung Galaxy S23+

    FNTCASE Case for Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus

    A rugged case that will protect your phone from the worst of falls comes from FNTCASE. This one provides military-grade shockproof protection. The case itself is textured so you’ll have an easier time gripping the device, further preventing you from dropping it. You can get this one in multiple colors, including black, green, blue, red, orange, and purple.

  • case-mate s23+ case

    Case-Mate clear case for Galaxy S23+

    Crystal-clear cases have a certain appeal to them since they help you enjoy the beauty of the phone better. This model from Case-Mate features a back cover, a screen protector, as well as an extra double tempered 9H glass lens protector that will help keep your new phone’s camera safe. While wearing this case, your phone should withstand 12-foot drops without a problem.

  • oneagle s23+ case

    Oneagle Case for Samsung Galaxy S23+

    Another great option for S23+ owners is this case from Oneagle. Offering double protection for your phone, the Oneagle has an inside layer of soft TPU material and a hard outer layer for both safety and a good grip. On the back, there’s a 360-degree rotatable stand. While the case doesn’t cover the camera lenses, the box does come with lens protectors you can add, as well as two tempered glass screen covers.


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