The Best Samsung Galaxy S23+ Deals: Fantastic Phone, Fantastic Prices


Samsung Galaxy S23+ has just been launched and we’re already seeing deals for this device. If you haven’t ordered one of these yet, you could do just that and save a bit of cash or get some cool perks in the process. Of course, it’s going to be a few months before we see some actually massive discounts, but for now, these will have to do.

If you’re willing to trade in an older model phone, you can save a lot of money, although it does depend on where you want to buy from. Amazon and Best Buy are offering perks to buyers, while major carriers are doing their best to attract new subscribers with these cool new Samsung phones.

What Makes Us Want the New Samsung Galaxy S23+

The Galaxy S23+ may not be the Ultra in terms of specs, but it’s a fantastic phone nonetheless. With a 6.6-inch AMOLED display and 120Hz refresh rate, this is a fairly large phone.

You can get this phone in two configurations, both of which start with 8GB of RAM. The storage options are 256GB and 512GB, so you’ll get plenty of space for all your apps, pics, and documents.

The 4,700mAh battery should be more than able to keep your phone alive throughout the day. If not, the phone has 45W wired charging and 15W wireless charging, so you’ll get back to 100% in no time.

The Galaxy S23+ features a 50MP camera system that is rather impressive and will certainly deliver a lot of great collection of photographs for you. The 12MP front camera isn’t anything to turn your nose at either since you’ll get to shoot some great pics.

Under the hood, the Samsung Galaxy S23+ runs on the brand-new, custom-made Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset. Made specifically for the new S23 Galaxy series, this chipset is used in all smartphones, regardless of whether you’re buying it in the United States or over in Europe.

Samsung Galaxy S23+-2

Samsung Galaxy S23+ Deals: Trade-in Bonuses & Bundles

The Galaxy S23+ comes in two price variations, as per the available storage space. The 256GB version costs $1,000, while the 512GB has an MSRP of $1,120. Right now, however, there are some deals you can grab to make your wallet happier.

Amazon Samsung Galaxy S23+ Deals

Right now, Amazon is offering the 512GB version of the Galaxy S23+ for the same price you can get the 256GB one. Basically, it’s a free upgrade. Therefore, you’ll pay the same $1,000 for either of these options.

Plus, Amazon is sweetening the deal by throwing in a $100 gift card on top of the free storage upgrade, which is pretty awesome. In total, you get a benefit of over $200.

There are no trade-in options attached to this model on Amazon. Of course, you can go through Amazon’s trade-in system to switch out one of your older phones.

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Best Buy Samsung Galaxy S23+ Deals

Best Buy doesn’t just have a great deal for the S23+, but it also offers plenty of trade-in options. Here, too, you’ll find the 512GB storage option available for the same price as the smaller option. Best Buy is also throwing in a gift card of $100, as well as four months of free access to Amazon Music Unlimited and three months to Google One 100GB.

You can trade in an older device for a further discount. You can choose phones from Apple, Google, LG, Microsoft, Motorola, OnePlus, or Samsung, of course. If you want to trade in last year’s S22+, for instance, you can get up to $300 for it, depending on its condition. For the Google Pixel 6a you can get up to $200, which is almost as much as a new one costs ($250 with Activate Today at Best Buy), while an Apple iPhone 13 can get you a $400 discount.

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Samsung’s Galaxy S23+ Deals

Over on the Samsung Store, you can find pretty much the same deals you can get on Amazon and Best Buy, namely a free storage upgrade. The 512GB version of the phone costs $1,000, down from $1,120.

You’ll also get $100 in instant Samsung Gredit and can save quite a bit on a brand new Galaxy Watch5 and Galaxy Buds2 Pro.

If you want to trade in an older phone, Samsung can give you a credit of up to $700. For last year’s Galaxy S23+, for instance, they’ll give you $350 if the phone is in good condition.

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Carrier Samsung Galaxy S23+ Deals

Samsung Galaxy S23+
Image Credit: Samsung

While unlocked phones are absolutely fabulous, sometimes it’s worth paying your carrier. These are premium phones with a premium price, so you may not always have over $1,000 to shell out in one go for a new device. Thankfully, carriers allow you to pay for your phone in monthly installments over a two or three-year period, which will considerably lower the immediate financial burden.

AT&T offers the S23+ for “free,” meaning you won’t pay a dime when you get the device. You will, however, pay monthly installments of just under $28 for the next 36 months.

If you have an older phone to trade, however, that “free phone” sticker may actually come true because their options are spectacular. If you want to hand over your old S22+ (in good condition), AT&T will give you $1,000. Your new S23+ 256GB will be essentially free. Just go on and check whether your old device qualifies for a $1,000 on AT&T.

T-Mobile has an advantageous deal, with a free storage upgrade and a full discount with trade on Magenta Max. You’ll get $1,000 back in bill credits for the next two years, covering the value of your brand-new Samsung Galaxy S23+.

Verizon has some great deal too, but they’re a lot more varied. First off, you’ll get $800 for your trade-in device, which is a bit lower than what you get from competitors. However, if you’re switching over from a different carrier, you’ll get an additional $200 discount for the S23 series and 50% off on Galaxy Buds2.

To top it off, you will get a free Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Tab S7 FE if you add new lines for each of these. These are pretty great, but they’ll weigh down your monthly bill some.

Pick the Best Samsung Galaxy S23+ Deal for You

The Galaxy S23+ is a fantastic phone, featuring the newest technologies, so we’re excited to see these deals already. In the coming months, we’re sure we’ll see even better discounts for these devices. Until then, however, we’ll have to rely on trade-ins for the best prices.


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