The fall of a legend


In the dawn of the smartphone era, Rovio released what would be one of the most influential apps of all time: Angry Birds. There’s no doubt that it’s become a major part of the mobile gaming culture. Well, every titan must fall eventually; the original Angry Birds will be delisted from the app stores soon.

During the early games on smartphones were as simple as they came. Remember those lighter apps? Those were the days. The simple physics-based Angry Birds was one of the most popular games on the market for years only to be challenged by Temple Run. Even with the market shifting to different directions and games getting more power-intensive, Angry Birds remained a popular download.

The fame of the app spread across different forms of media. In 2016, there was a movie released. It received pretty lukewarm reviews, but the movie got a few nominations. In 2019, the sequel was released. It got slightly better reviews but didn’t gross too much at the box office. In any case, it was still quite an honor having two movies made.

The original Angry Birds will be delisted

Rovio tweeted out to its followers and explained why it made this decision (via GSM Arena). The image posted read that due to the game’s impact on the company’s portfolio, it’s giving the game the ax.

So, this news is especially sad if you’re an Android user. The game is going away on the Google Play Store but not on the Apple App Store. As for iOS users, the game will be renamed to “Red’s First Flight”. It seems that the company wants to move on from the original Angry Birds game and focus on the newer titles.

The game is going away from the Play Store on February 23rd, so you have one day to download it. Once you download the game, it will remain playable after the delisting. This means that the game isn’t tied to a server.

The game does cost $0.99 which isn’t bad at all. With the purchase, there are no ads or in-app purchases. You’ll want to act fast if you want to keep this game.

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