The Nuralogix Anura app provides health metrics with just a selfie


At MWC23, guests are trooping in to try out the Nuralogix Anura app, and some are impressed by its performance. This app is developed by the Nuralogix company, and it can serve as your digital doctor if there is a need. Surprisingly, most attendees at the MWC23 that have got to try this app say that it produces accurate health results.

Among those who gave the Anura app a try are the folks at Android Authority. Not only were they able to try out this app, but they were also able to get some information as to how this app works. The technology behind this app is not as complicated as it might seem.

Users of this app can check their health metrics before going to the doctor. Also, in situations where one can’t access a hospital urgently, this app can give you a quick rundown of your health status. Let’s take a look at the bits and pieces of this health app, along with its challenges.

Everything you need to know about the Nuralogix Anura app

Making use of the Nuralogix Anura app is simple and doesn’t require much knowledge of technology. The app comes with a selfie camera feature that takes a 30-second video of the user. All data acquired from the video will provide the app with what it needs to produce a health report.

But how is it possible to tell someone’s health metrics from a 30-second video? According to sources, this app uses a Transdermal Optical Imaging (TOI) system. This system scans the 30-second video for the user’s facial blood information to get their health metrics.

To enable the system to get an accurate reading, the user needs to breathe normally and stay still while the video is recording. Talking, moving abruptly, and breathing heavily can affect the process. Once the process is complete, the Nuralogix Anura app will provide a breakdown of the user’s health metrics.

At the moment, this app is not available to the public for usage. This is due to various medical bodies doubting the accuracy of the reports Nuralogix’s app provides. These bodies argue that the best way to get a medical report is to go for a proper checkup with a certified doctor.

But, Nuralogix provides a Lite app that is similar to the Anura app for download. This Lite app doesn’t offer the full features that the Anura app doe, but it gives users a glimpse of what to expect. This app might just be shaping the future of healthcare as we know it today.


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