The Play Store is focusing more on notifications and offers


A major part of an app’s experience is all of the minor updates and UI changes that the developers push to it. The Google Play Store is now different, as a new update puts more emphasis on notifications and options, according to Android Police. It’s a small update, but it could be a useful one.

The Google Play Store has a section for your notifications and all of the offers that are available. However, people just don’t see them. You often go to the Play Store to hunt down your next favorite app, not check your notifications. Because of this, we often miss out on useful information. Google wants to change this with a new UI tweak.

The Play Store focuses more on notifications and offers

This change is a minor user-facing one, but it could actually change the way that people use the Play Store. Before the change, you’d see the search bar span the entirety of the top of the screen. You’d see the voice search button and the profile button housed in it.

After the change, you’ll see a few differences. Firstly, the search bar won’t stretch across the whole screen. It’ll run about three-quarters of the way across the screen. The profile button will sit on the right side of the screen outside of the bar. Lastly, you’ll see a new notification bell icon in between the search bar and the profile button.

The icon will show you how many new notifications you have. Tapping on it will open up a new page with two tabs at the top. The first tab shows you all of your notifications. These will be app recommendations, pre-registered games ready to download, and others. The next tab will show you all of the offers available. These will be sales and events that apps are having to entice people.

This change is rolling out now, so you should see it within the next couple of days if you don’t see it yet. We were able to see this change on a company Pixel 6, so there’s a good chance that you’ll see it.


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