The Samsung 837 store space in NYC has been reopened


After being closed for a while, the Samsung 837 store space in NYC has finally reopened. To celebrate this reopening event, Samsung is inviting its fans over to visit the store. On display at the store will be the Korean tech giant’s latest smart home appliances and devices.

This store offers fans the opportunity to have an in-person interaction with various Samsung products. The company will also use this avenue to advertise its products to the public. There is a lot to expect from Samsung after the reopening of this store in New York City.

Samsung is bringing its products closer to its fans with the reopening of their 837 store

Samsung is not only reopening its 837 store in New York City, but it’s also redesigning the interior. This will improve the experience whenever fans stop by to check out the latest smart home appliances and devices. Fans began trooping into the reopened store on the 22nd of February for the opening ceremony.

Visitors during this ceremony get the opportunity to be among the first people to step into the store since it closed down. To help combat the Coronavirus outbreak, Samsung made the wise choice to close down its experience store. The store was closed in March 2020 following the pandemic, but it is finally time for it to reopen.

This store will pack the latest Samsung devices for fans to interact with in an immersive environment. Products ranging from smartphones in different segments, Smart TVs, smart home appliances and so on will be on display. Visitors will get to experience how these gadgets and appliances work in their unique ecosystem.

The store will also retail these products to visitors that are willing to buy any. Fans can also benefit from the buy online and pick up in-store program that will soon kick off. If you are a Samsung fan living in or around New York City, you can always stop by the just reopened Samsung 837 store space.


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