The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra durability test video goes live


Before purchasing the new Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, you might want to know if it is durable. Instead of purchasing this device and finding out if it is durable yourself, some professionals have put it to the test. This will help enlighten prospective buyers of this device on what to expect with the S23 Ultra.

Owners of the YouTube channel PBK reviews took it upon themselves to test the S23 Ultra’s durability. Also, they tore down this device, revealing its components. This shows how repairable the S23 Ultra is, so users will know what to expect if their device needs a repair.

Durability and repairability are two key aspects to look out for when shopping for a new device. How would the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra perform in the durability and repairability test? Let’s find out more about this from the PBK reviews durability and teardown video.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra undergoes a series of tests to prove its durability

In a recent video, smartphone gadget channel PBK reviews put the S23 Ultra through a series of tests. The device was first put in water for 3 minutes and then scratched with metallic objects. These two tests didn’t affect the S23 Ultra, as the device is water-resistant and comes with the Gorilla Glass Victus 2 glass protection.

The tester then proceeded to drop the device and see how well it would fare in an event of a fall. At waist height, the S23 Ultra fell freely to the ground, leaving it broken but still usable. This test was conducted first with the screen hitting the ground and then the back glass. Both areas got the same results with broken glasses but did not affect the device’s usability.

So if you are looking out to get a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, you might consider getting a protection case. This will help protect the device’s glass body from breaking in the event of a fall. There are a few options you can go with, like the one in the article linked here.

For its teardown, the PBK review channel did a great job showing the repairability of this device. Overall, this flagship device passed the repairability test with flying colours. Prospective buyers of this device will not need to worry about fixing it, as it is easy to take apart and put together.

The durability and repairability test of the S23 Ultra shows off some improvements from the previous generation. Some of these improvements include larger camera bezels to protect the camera glass. Also, there is a better cooling system on the S23 Ultra in comparison with its predecessor.

You can check out the durability and repairability tests from PBK reviews in the video section below. Do not forget to join our Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra giveaway. To do that, simply click on the link here and follow the procedures.


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