The Top 8 Weird and Funny Meme Linux Distributions


Linux distributions are the most versatile and valuable OSes in the market. Given their customizations and flexibility, they inspire developers to create new, improved versions of the operating system, usually to meet specific goals.

Even though most Linux OSes are tailor-made to cater to a specific purpose, a few are bound to make you laugh or wonder about their true meaning.

If you are a fan of Linux and want to review a few unconventional, funny, and weird distros, check out this list of meme Linux distributions.

Hannah Montana desktop with a Linux icon

Hannah Montana Linux seeks inspiration from its Unix counterpart and is loosely based on Kubuntu and KDE 4.2. If you follow Hannah Montana and want to get a flavor of her popularity, then this Linux version is ideal for you.

Even though the last known version was released in 2009, it continues to be a fast-paced, stable, and robust OS for young Linux users.

To enhance the look and feel of the distro, you can get up close and personal with the American star by decking up your distribution with wallpaper snippets, icons, color palettes, and a customizable boot screen.

Download: Hannah Montana Linux

Justin Bieber Linux desktop interface

Justin Bieber has been a global sensation, as many young people continue to swear by his songs. His popularity and fame have spawned a variety of merchandise, and Justin Bieber Linux is one of the many artifacts.

Based on Puppy Lucid 525, this distro is commonly known as Biebian and is earmarked as a tribute to the young singer. Even though this distribution doesn’t support any of the best Linux desktop environments, it is still relatively clean. It has an innovative UI that allows users to navigate the menu and windows easily.

To enhance the effectiveness of the distribution and make it an ode to Justin, you can download and use a variety of wallpapers, music, emoticons, and icons.

Download: Justin Bieber Linux

Ubuntu Satanic Edition desktop interface with a red theme

From pop fanatics to religious distributions, Linux offers it all. Ubuntu Satanic Edition (USE) version is a little off the usual trodden route and is based on Ubuntu. The dark theme will never leave your side from the initial booting to the setup screen. The fiery wallpapers, ray-traced screensavers, and devilish icons will remind you never to let your screen remain unguarded for long hours (pun intended).

No new versions are available to download, so you can expect a standardized version to run through. You also get access to head-banging heavy metal music, including a few top songs sung by Holy Pain, StabWounD, Frontside, Auvernia, Skaut, Scape Goat, and Taste of Hell.

Download: Ubuntu Satanic Edition

UbuntuCE desktop with an open dialog box

Even though OSes don’t have a religion, Ubuntu Christian Edition (UbuntuCE) tends to differ. There is a dedicated Christian edition, which aims at bringing Ubuntu’s power to Christians. Even some of its software has a lot of Biblical references, making it an interesting OS to use.

UbuntuCE draws power from Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, one of the recent Ubuntu versions, which offers community and professional support to the end users. Some additional features within UbuntuCE include web content filtering, DNS Minder, Host Minder, parental controls, Bible study software, software for churches, and many others.

Download: Ubuntu Christian Edition (UbuntuCE)

UwUntu desktop with a few open dialog boxes

If you are an avid fan of Japanese culture, you will find yourself right at home with UwUntu, touted as the best WeaboOS. Two Spanish students started creating this OS as a fun summer project, which was eventually rolled out to the wider public as a full-fledged Linux distribution.

Like some of the other famous distributions, even UwUntu is powered by Ubuntu and comes well-equipped with neat customizations, which aim to make your life simpler and more comfortable. An outstanding aspect of this distro is that it also offers extensive weeb customizations.

Download: UwUntu

If Japanese anime is your thing, you will find Moeubuntu right up your alley. Featuring a subtle yet substantial mix of anime, manga, and Ubuntu, you get plenty of goodies with this OS.

When you download Moeubuntu, you will notice a lot of manga themes, wallpapers, icons, fonts, and more. Its pink-colored theme might not grow on you instantly, but it surely will make you want to think about some of the other options available in the market.

Download: Moeubuntu

7. RebeccaBlackOS

RebeccaBlackOS desktop interface

RebeccaBlackOS is a live distribution, with a developmental view of Debian Testing. Since it is the first Linux OS to use Wayland, it’s given users a platform to test new utilities. Despite its existence, the distribution is unstable and has many security issues.

It’s an ode to Rebecca Black, and the developer has made it in her honor. Despite its problems, it’s difficult to say how many users are interested in downloading and using this unique Linux distribution.

As soon as you log into the system, you can choose from various desktop versions, such as default Weston, Enlightenment, GNOME, KDE Plasma, Liri, Sway, and Wayfire.

Download: RebeccaBlackOS

TempleOS, developed by Terry A. Davis, is a masterpiece within the operating system community channels. Terry created TempleOS on a whim, stating God had asked him to work on a Linux distribution from scratch.

Since Terry was a schizophrenia patient, his esoteric attitude and unruly behavior haven’t gained him much of a welcome within the programming community.

Given TempleOS’s childish layout, look, and feel, people mostly ignore and mock the distribution. If you are thinking about downloading and using this distribution, it’s best to steer away from it, especially if you want to avoid wasting your time and effort in downloading and installing it.

Download: TempleOS

Weird Linux Distributions Doing the Rounds of the Market

The Linux distributions featured on this list are some of the weirdest, yet uncommon Linux distributions in the market. Linux is well-known for spawning some of the best distributions so that users can gain immense benefits from their distributions.

Even though some of these distributions aren’t worth a second look, there are plenty of other options you can build from scratch and use independently. You can select the ones which work best with your requirements in the long run.


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