This Nothing Phone (2) concept looks like an iPhone from the future


The Nothing Phone (2) is coming this year, and a new third-party concept just surfaced. This Nothing Phone (2) concept actually looks like an iPhone from the future, like it traveled back in time.

This Nothing Phone (2) concept looks like an iPhone from the future

What makes us think that? Well, the overall shape of the device is iPhone-like, the sides are also entirely flat, and even the rear camera design resembles current-gen iPhones. Well, the resemblance is visible in the camera positioning only.

In any case, this design comes from Konstantin Milenin, and you’ll notice three images in the gallery below. This handset doesn’t include a display camera hole or notch, and its bezels are basically non-existent.

The real Nothing Phone (2) won’t look like this, of course, but it’s always nice to see such designs out there. There are plenty of LED lights on the back, which Nothing will almost certainly keep around from the first model.

Nothing branding is visible in the top-right corner, and the corners on this phone are considerably curved, similar to what modern iPhones offer. The designer did not envision any specs for the device, only its design.

The Nothing Phone (2) will be coming to the US, unlike its predecessor

Nothing did confirm that the Nothing Phone (2) will have wider availability than the first-gen model had. It will be available in the US, unlike the first-gen model.

Carl Pei also said that the company’s second phone will be “more premium”. That could mean a lot of things, and he was kind of vague when asked about it. It could, however, mean that it will include a flagship processor this time around. The Nothing Phone (1) was a mid-range phone, basically.

The Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 is rumored to be included in the phone, but that may not be accurate, it’s too early to say. It will be interesting to see what will Nothing comes up with, that’s for sure. Their first smartphone did manage to attract a lot of attention to itself.


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