Tongyi Qianwen, Alibaba’s Answer To Chatgpt

Tongyi Qianwen, Alibaba’s Answer To Chatgpt – FILE PHOTO: The logo of Alibaba Group is seen at its office in Beijing, China, on January 5, 2021. Reuters/Thomas Peter/

Tech giant Alibaba is looking for companies to test its Tongyi Qianwen AI chatbot, business publication Star Market Daily reported on Friday, joining the race to emulate the explosive success of ChatGPT.

Tongyi Qianwen, Alibaba’s Answer To Chatgpt

The free-to-use ChatGPT is a large-scale language modeling (LLM) application developed by Microsoft-backed OpenAI, announced last November, that can generate articles and essays in response to user requests.

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Alibaba has opened registration for businesses to test its AI application, Star Market reported.

A person familiar with the matter confirmed to Reuters that the LLM application is aimed at business users.

Alibaba’s cloud computing division released a teaser on Friday, saying on social media, “Hello, my name is Tongyi Qinwen, this is our first time meeting, and your suggestion is welcome.”

The official website for the chatbot app only has a field to enter a phone number and email address to request an invite, but doesn’t provide specific details about its specific usage.

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An official launch is expected at the Alibaba Cloud event on Tuesday. Daniel Zhang, CEO of Alibaba Group and the company’s cloud division, is scheduled to speak at the event.

Others entering the AI ​​chatbot race include Baidu Inc, whose Ernie bot app is currently only open for testing users.

On Saturday Network equipment maker Huawei Technologies will hold a launch event for its natural language processing (NLP) AI model, Pangu.

Alibaba announced last week that it would reorganize into six separate divisions with their own boards and CEOs. Zhang will remain as CEO of the cloud division.

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Get news like this delivered to your inbox every day. Sign up for our newsletter – Subscribe to the newsletter for daily briefings on Alibaba Tout’s ChatGPT Challenger and prior to the show, a technology summit will be held in Beijing next Tuesday, with Alibaba Cloud CEO Daniel Zhang in attendance. On the speech, the company said in a separate statement.

1/6 OpenAI’s ChatGPT portal is rapidly gaining popularity. It uses sophisticated language processing techniques to create human-like responses to text input and interact with users to provide detailed answers to a wide range of topics. (Bloomberg)

2/6 But be careful if you want to download apps from your Google Play Store or App Store. There are many fake apps like ChatGPT which can be harmful to your device. (Bloomberg)

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Alibaba Touts Chatgpt Challenger Ahead Of Main Event

4/6 Some of these apps on Android are: AI Chat Companion; ChatGPT 3: ChatGPT AI, Talk GPT – Chat to ChatGPT ChatGPT AI writing assistant; Open Chat – AI Chatbot App. (Bloomberg)

5/6 There are also several apps available on Apple’s App Store: Genie – GPT AI Assistant; Write for me GPT AI Assistant ChatGPT – GPT 3, Alfred – GPT 3; Including Chat w. GPT AI – Write, ChatGPT – AI writing apps; Wiz AI Chat Bot Writing Assistant; Chat AI: Personal AI Assistant and Wisdom AI – Your AI Assistant. (AFP)

6/6 However, it is important to note that OpenAI does not have an official separate app for ChatGPT. Therefore, You can use this feature in your browser while you visit the official website (AP)

The company’s cloud computing unit is giving out invitation codes to some corporate customers to test a larger language model called “Tongyi Qianwen,” (Bloomberg).

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Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. China’s latest attempt to rival OpenAI’s mighty ChatGPT, the company’s in-house artificial intelligence tool, invites users.

According to an announcement posted on the subsidiary’s official WeChat account, the company’s cloud computing unit is offering some corporate customers invitation codes to try out a giant language model called “Tongyi Qianwen.” Taken in part from the ancient philosopher Mencius, the name roughly translates to “the truth of a thousand questions.” Alibaba Cloud’s website for the service is only in Chinese, suggesting that it should be used primarily to process queries in the e-commerce giant’s home language.

Alibaba Cloud will host a technology summit in Beijing next Tuesday, where CEO Daniel Zhang will deliver a speech, the company said in a separate statement.

Alibaba jumped 2.5% in Hong Kong on Thursday on reports that the Chinese tech giant plans to launch its AI tool this month. The Hong Kong Stock Exchange is closed on Friday for the holiday.

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American ChatGPT’s maker, OpenAI, has sparked interest in the innovation as it promises its services will reinvent businesses from online search and advertising to healthcare. Microsoft Corp. has poured $10 billion into OpenAI in what is seen as a bid to challenge Google in its profit-seeking campaign.

Shares of several Chinese AI companies rose this week after releasing their own AI tools. Hong Kong registered SenseTime Group Inc. has surged in trading over the past five days on speculation that China’s most valuable AI company is preparing to launch a challenger to ChatGPT.

China’s leading search engine provider Baidu Inc. for local ChatGPT competitors. Ernie bot failed to attract investors last month.

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Alibaba Unveils Chatgpt Alternative Tongyi Qianwen Under Cloud Services After Baidu’s High Profile Ernie Bot Launch

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Tongyi Qianwen, The Chinese Rival Of Chatgpt Created By Alibaba

Tongyi Qianwen is part of Alibaba’s cloud services division and was developed by DAMO Academy, the company’s research lab. The new model is expected to provide better performance in language processing and improved performance in processing time and cost.

According to Alibaba, Tongyi Qianwen can handle multiple languages ​​and provide real-time feedback. The company claims to have achieved state-of-the-art performance in several NLP benchmarks, including question-answering and natural language prediction.

Tongyi Qianwen comes at a time of rising demand for natural language processing models. As the amount of available data increases, companies are looking for more efficient ways to extract insights from textual data, and NLP models are becoming an important tool in this process.

Alibaba’s new model is seen as an important step in reducing China’s dependence on foreign technology. The Chinese government is pushing for self-reliance in the tech sector, and Tongqi Qianwen is an example of how local companies are responding to this call.

Alibaba Unveils Chatbot Rival To Chatgpt

The model is financial; It is expected to be particularly useful in industries such as e-commerce and customer service, where the ability to process large amounts of text data quickly and accurately is essential. Alibaba’s cloud division is already working with Chinese companies including China Eastern Airlines and China Mobile to integrate Tongqi Qianwen into their businesses.

Tongyi Qianwen’s introduction reflects the growing competition between Chinese and Western tech companies in the field of artificial intelligence. While OpenAI’s GPT has been widely adopted in the West, Chinese companies are increasingly developing companies and their own AI technologies.

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