Travelpayouts Application For IOS And Android: What’s New


The Travelpayouts application was created both for those who already make money on the affiliate network and for those who have just joined Travelpayouts.


With the Travelpayouts mobile application, you can conveniently monitor statistics on searches, clicks, and sales. In addition to general statistics on your account, the application provides detailed information on a specific brand for a selected period.

Travelpayouts app whats new statistics

In addition to sales data and statistics, you can:

  • Keep track of finances
  • Get help through the app by contacting support or finding answers in the Help center
Travelpayouts app finance section

To more conveniently monitor your sales, you can set up push notifications about new bookings for your affiliate marker.

What’s new

If you have previously installed the application, you will get the following benefits with the update:

  • Now, the application offers much more details on searches, bookings, and finances.
  • You will be able to view both general and detailed statistics for each affiliate program.
  • All payouts and other balance-related details are now as clear as day
  • Support is just one step away, as you can contact the support team directly through the app or search for answers in the knowledge base.

The official Travelpayouts app is a convenient tool for affiliates with any turnover. Simply install the Android or iOS app on your device today to gain a powerful tool for your affiliate business.


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