Waze Android Auto freezing issue might be getting a fix


Android Auto users have been noticing some issues with the Waze app. This issue causes the app to randomly freeze while in use, leaving users who rely on its directions stranded. Well, a coming update to the app might bring a fix for the freezing issue.

A few users already have access to this fix via the app’s latest update on the Google Play Store. Some reports have spotted a reference to the freezing fix on the update’s changelog. Not all the app’s users have got this fix to the Android Auto freezing issue.

The update seems to be gradually rolling out to users. Other users who have got the update say that it doesn’t fix the freezing issue. Another issue on the Waze Android Auto app remains unfixed despite the new update.

The latest update to the Waze Android Auto app aims to fix freezing but leaves out another issue

Waze’s latest app update is gradually rolling out to users around the world. The update brings a fix to the freezing issue plaguing Android Auto users. Finally, users will not have to see the Waze Android Auto app freeze as they are making use of it to get directions.

About a month ago, the Waze app got support for a new Android Auto feature. This new feature is known as “Coolwalk” and it brings a split screen to Android Auto. With this feature, Android Auto users can use more than one application on their infotainment screen.

Despite bringing this Coolwalk feature to their app, users of Waze still have difficulties using it. This is because the Waze app hasn’t got a stable update to enable the feature to work properly. Users have been facing this issue since the Coolwalk feature became available on the Waze app.

Sadly, the latest update to the Waze app doesn’t bring stable support for the Coolwalk feature. A future stable update will fully bring this feature to Waze users. Once available, Android Auto users will be able to use the Waze app along with other apps on their infotainment screen at the same time.


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