What Can We Expect From the Apple Silicon Mac Pro?


Apple began the transition from Intel to Apple silicon chips for its Macs in 2020. The company said the transition would take two years to complete, and while it has managed to replace almost every Mac with the Apple silicon chip, there’s one final piece missing in the puzzle: the Mac Pro.

Although we’re well past the two-year transition period, Apple hasn’t given up on the Mac Pro. In fact, the company did mention the Mac Pro during the Mac Studio announcement in 2022. So, let’s see what we know about this product, when it might launch, and its expected price.


Press side shot of a 2019 Mac Pro

Design is not the most important aspect of a computer, especially considering that the Mac Pro is a workstation and is not aimed at the average consumer. However, Apple is a company that considers design as a fundamental part of all its products.

We all remember the Mac Pro of 2013, the “trash can.” A controversial design, but undoubtedly original and different. In 2019, Apple launched the current Mac Pro, the “cheese grater.” It was a very industrial design but different from what was on the market until then, and it reflects very well what the Mac Pro is.

It seems that this design continues to convince both Apple and the public because, according to a Bloomberg post by Mark Gurman, the design will be the same. There has long been speculation of a radical change with a smaller and different format, but Gurman believes otherwise.


Mac Pro internal hardware
Image Credit: Apple

The current Mac Pro is modular, meaning the user can buy it and change many of its components at a later date. One can add more RAM, another graphics card, more storage, and so on. Customers can purchase these components through Apple or authorized third-party stores and start using them.

Unfortunately, for those who were hoping to get their hands on a Mac Pro with Apple silicon when it comes out, the latest rumors suggest that it won’t be modular. According to Mark Gurman’s tweet, the only thing modular about this new Mac Pro will be the storage.

Users won’t be able to upgrade the RAM, swap graphics cards, or even add an external GPU. However, we hope this rumor doesn’t end up being true because it would be a setback for many people, especially the lack of support for external GPUs.

As for technical details, industry experts suggest that this Mac Pro will be configurable with up to 192GB of RAM and an M2 Ultra chip featuring a 24-core CPU and a 76-core GPU. This will undoubtedly be the most powerful Mac to date, so its price is expected to be high.

Pricing and Release Date

Mac Pro top view

As of writing, there are no rumors from reliable sources providing a specific price for the Apple silicon Mac Pro, but there is a general industry consensus that it will maintain its $5,999 starting price. With that in mind, potential buyers should consider the Mac Studio instead of the Mac Pro.

As for the release date, Mark Gurman claims that we could see this new Mac Pro in the spring of 2023, so if that’s true, it shouldn’t take Apple long to unveil it. There are some rumors about a potential event in March 2022, so perhaps that could be the time to launch it to the public, although that’s just speculation on our part.

The Most Powerful Mac Isn’t for Everyone

As we have already seen, everything indicates that the Apple silicon Mac Pro is going to be very powerful. It targets a niche audience that needs exceptional performance, and Apple wants to give it to them.

While it’s safe to assume that the Apple silicon Mac Pro will be the most expensive Mac in the lineup, you should take everything else with a grain of salt because Apple has been mum on it so far.


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