What Does Google Mean by “Pixel Value”?


Google has come up with a new term to describe its Android smartphones: Pixel Value. But what does it actually mean?

Google’s range of Pixel phones has become a popular option for many over the past few years, so much so that the company has now coined the term “Pixel Value” to describe the devices. But what is Pixel Value, and how exactly does it relate to Pixel smartphones?

What Is Pixel Value?

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There are now hundreds of smartphone models to choose from today from a wide range of brands, meaning the competition is rife for manufacturers. While Google’s Pixel smartphone range is well-known, the company must still deal with competition from other big brands, such as Apple and Samsung.

What’s more, Google does not promote its smartphones as heavily as other big brands, which can affect overall sales.

Because of this, Google has coined the term “Pixel Value”. This is an attribute given to Pixel phones when compared to other smartphone brands, with the goal being to provide users with new Google features that other manufacturers do not yet offer.

Google has stated on its store website that its Pixel phones are “built to last” because they are “designed to be updated.” Google expanded on this claim, writing that “new features are sent to your phone every few months—for the camera, battery, and more—without taking lots of space, and before other Android devices get them.”

On the aforementioned website, Google offers some additional pages that you can click on to learn more about the Pixel features. These include software features such as Call Assist, Clear Calling, and Direct My Call, all of which can make your communication experience more convenient and safe.

Google also delves further into its “built to last” claim, listing hardware features such as tough gorilla glass, and water and dust resistance, although these are qualities that other brands offer too. The Pixel camera is also mentioned, with Google stating that a Pixel “even fixes photos taken with older phones, including iPhones and other Android devices.”

Does Pixel Value Matter for Users?

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While Pixel Value is a clever campaign on the part of Google, does it really benefit users? Has anything changed?

In short, yes and no.

It’s important to note that Google invariably rolls out its new features to all Android users—you can get Magic Eraser on other phones now—so the only news here is that Pixel users will be able to enjoy the updates first. This is certainly a perk, but doesn’t change the speed at which Pixel users receive new features, nor does it prevent Android from getting these features later on.

Rather, as a Pixel user, you’ll simply have the luxury of trying new features before those who use other Android smartphones.

Pixel Value May Prove Google’s Phones as Top Tier

The Pixel Value campaign may seem like a simple marketing tactic, but certainly provides Pixel users with the perk of getting new features first, and reminds potential buyers of what Pixels can offer. Some customers may gravitate towards this luxury, with Google’s extensive list of useful features and components also highlighting what the company has in store.


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