Why Pamela Reif’s Fitness and Nutrition Brand Is Worth Following


Pamela Reif is a German fitness influencer and model who has a couple of cookbooks and even a health food product line. She is well known in the fitness community for providing tons and tons of free workouts and workout plans.

You’ve probably heard of Pamela or perhaps even participated in one of her workout classes, as her videos are super popular on YouTube. If you’ve never heard of her but want to start taking better care of your health and fitness then Pamela’s app, website, and everything else she offers could be the answer.

What Is Pamela Reif’s Health and Fitness Brand All About?

Not only does Pamela’s brand offer an all-encompassing fitness package, but it comes off as highly adaptable and well-rounded for beginners. Those who are just starting their health and fitness journey can find everything they need on Pam’s website—various cookbooks, food products, free workout videos, and lots more.

Moreover, she offers an incredible mobile app called the Pam App. The app focuses on healthy recipes and workouts but also features a handy mood tracker and built-in shopping list. All in all, Pamela Reif provides a wellness brand that is inspirational, dedicated, and genuine.

What Does the Pam App Offer?

Pamela’s mobile app is key if you want to take proper care of your fitness and nutrition. Plus, it makes following her workout plans so much easier. Besides being aesthetically pleasing and painless to use, the app is full of healthy yet delicious recipes that you can cook at home, hundreds of heart-pounding workouts, and other amazing features.

The Pam App is free to download, with a lot of the fitness content being free. However, there is also an option to upgrade to a premium membership that gives you access to more recipes and blog content. Below are the key features of the Pam mobile app.

Download: Pam App for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

Healthy Recipes

All the recipes on the Pam app are healthy, delicious, and packed with important nutrients. And even though the recipes center on being healthy, there’s no need to deprive yourself of a treat. Pam’s recipes simply swap out the bad stuff and replace it with the good. To find a meal using the app, you can either use the search bar or combine the various filters.

You can use the filters to browse based on your dietary restrictions or the meal type you’re looking for, like dinner or a snack. In addition, the recipes are easy to follow and give you the option to add the ingredients to the app’s shopping list.

The Pam app includes a shopping list that’s just perfect at ensuring you never forget anything when you’re at the grocery store. You have the option to add additional items to your list or even remove items that you don’t need to buy. Don’t forget to cross off the ingredients on the list as you go!

Meals and Meal Plans

Besides adding the recipe ingredients to your shopping list, you can also opt to add the recipe to your meal plan. Simply tap the plus icon in the top right corner and select which day or days you’d like to add it to. This feature can help you meal plan better and eat healthier. You can access your meal plan under My Plan or use one of Pamela’s ready-made two-week plans. At the moment there are three plans available: Lose Weight, Look Toned, and Build Muscle.

Workouts and Workout Plans

All of Pamela’s YouTube workout videos are available on her mobile app. Therefore, you can either choose to watch them on the Pamela Reif YouTube channel or play them directly in the Pam app. Her workouts can be filtered according to exercise type, focus area, or fitness level.

One of Pam’s best offerings is her multiple weekly workout plans which are completely free! The plans are divided into different categories ranging from a 60-minute hardcore home workout plan to a beginner home workout plan for those starting a weight loss journey. The workout plans offer alternative videos, giving you the freedom to customize your chosen plan to your liking.

Be warned, Pamela’s workouts are often in breathtaking locations, but they are brutal and intense. Some would even say they’re evil—that’s how tough they are. Chances are you’ll find yourself cursing her and thanking her at the same time. And if you think you’re going to get a break between exercises, think again!

Mood Tracker

One of the newest features of the Pam app is the mood tracker. It’s a small and simple note, but it’ll help you keep an eye on your mood patterns and even give you a tip based on how you feel that day. Furthermore, at the beginning of each week, you can view your weekly mood summary.

What Does Pamela Reif’s Website Offer?

Pamela Reif knows her stuff when it comes to fitness content. However, she has also broadened her horizons to include food-related products. In the past, Pamela has even collaborated with other popular brands like NA-KD and Puma.

If you want to level up your health and fitness, then the Pamela Reif website goes hand in hand with her mobile app. It is basically a homepage where you can find links to all of her offerings, from her cookbooks and food products to her Pam app and YouTube channel.

Pam’s Cookbooks

Pamela Reif’s brand is all about health and fitness which is why her cookbooks center on that too. She has two cookbooks available: You Deserve This: Snack Cookbook and You Deserve This: Bowl Cookbook. The Snack Cookbook has over 70 healthy, balanced, and delicious snack recipes and more than 40 pages helping you learn more about food, health, and nutrition.

On the other hand, the Bowl Cookbook features over 70 wholesome bowl recipes with most of them being 100 percent vegan. All of Pamela’s cookbooks are available to purchase on Amazon.

Naturally Pam Food Products

naturally PAM food products website

Naturally Pam is Pamela Reif’s own healthy food product brand. Her products are all said to be completely clean and organic, using only natural ingredients. Moreover, all the Naturally Pam products are packed sustainably.

Naturally Pam food products include various bars, types of granola, chocolate, and her much-loved crunchy nut butter. Naturally Pam also offers some basic pantry staples like oats, cashews, and coconut sugar. Based on Pamela’s popularity and the organic ingredients, the items are fairly affordable, and you can even purchase product bundles at lower prices.

Should You Try Pamela Reif’s Content?

Pamela Reif has been posting workout videos and providing health and fitness content for years now. It’s clear that she knows her stuff. Plus, at no point do you feel like she’s being inauthentic about how passionate she is.

Her workouts and workout plans offer so much variety, and don’t forget: they’re all completely free on her app and social media accounts. If you’re looking for a killer workout class with no talking and awesome music, her videos are perfect for you.

So, download her app to build your own meal plan, visit her website to buy one of her cookbooks, or order some of her Naturally Pam goodies online. Pamela Reif’s brand ensures there is something for everyone.


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