Xiaomi could launch a Wear OS 3 smartwatch this year


According to a new report, Xiaomi may actually launch a Wear OS 3 smartwatch this year. The company launched its Watch S1 Pro globally a couple of days ago, but that watch runs Xiaomi’s proprietary OS. Well, something new may be on the horizon.

Xiaomi may be planning to launch a Wear OS 3 smartwatch this year

A “source familiar with the development” says that the company may be ready to embrace the Google Play Services on a smartwatch, and the full “Wear OS” brand too. That source claims that one such model is coming.

There’s not a lot of detail to go on at the moment, though. What was shared is… that if this watch does launch, its Wear OS 3 system will be managed by the Mi Fitness (Xiaomi Wear) app. That is the same app that the company’s wearables are currently using.

It is expected to be released under the same “Xiaomi Watch” branding too. That is the branding Xiaomi is using now. If Xiaomi does opt to go with Wear OS, that will bring a number of useful features to its smartwatch.

Wear OS products are not exactly well-known for great battery life

There is a downside, though. Wear OS products are not exactly well known for battery longevity. Xiaomi’s current smartwatches, however, are. Xiaomi will definitely lose some ground in that regard, but the tradeoff may be worth it.

It is said that this watch will launch at some point this year, but we really don’t know when. Your guess is as good as ours. It all depends on how far along the development is. Xiaomi may also aim to release it alongside another product at some point, perhaps a new flagship phone or something like that.

It would certainly be interesting to see an offering from Xiaomi in this space, that’s for sure. A global release of this smartwatch would give users a valuable new option in the Wear OS space.


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