You might be paying more for Sling TV after adding ABC Stations


Today, Sling TV announced that it has added ABC local channels in some markets. But that also comes with bad news. Since Sling is adding these channels in these new markets, some of those markets are getting a price increase of $5 per month. This is to pay for the fees that Sling TV owes to Disney after adding ABC.

So which markets are these? That includes Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia and San Francisco. But it’s only on the Sling Blue plan, since that is the plan with the Disney channels available. Sling Orange focuses more on Fox channels.

A bit of an interesting tidbit here is that Sling Blue and those that have Orange and Blue in Fresno, Houston and Raleigh, will have both ABC and Fox and don’t have to pay extra.

Sling TV Blue will be $45 per month

So now that it is $45 per month in those five markets, it does bring up the price quite a bit for Sling TV, which started out at $20 per month when it launched nearly 8 years ago. Which isn’t all that bad of a price increase, when you compare it to YouTube TV, which has more than doubled in that amount of time.

Sling Blue is a pretty good plan, gives you access to around 30 channels for that price. Which isn’t bad. Others that are closer to $70 per month offer more than double the channels. So it’s a form of “you get what you pay for” here.

It’s still one of the better streaming services out there, especially if you’re not looking to get every cable channel under the sun. But just want a few sports channels, news channels and movies channels. Sling TV is a good option. And it also has a number of add-ons that are available. But keep in mind that regional sports channels are not available on Sling TV. Only the national ones like ESPN, FS1 and others.

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