YouTube launches Creator Music as a marketplace for content creators


Content creators on YouTube can now access a plethora of various songs through Creator Music. The feature is a part of the YouTube Partner Program and allows creators to select and purchase song licenses for their videos without worrying about copyright violations.

The licensing problem of commercial music has always been a source of annoyance for content creators on YouTube. These creators often find their ad revenue is given away to song license holders. YouTube wants to solve this issue with Creator Music as a straightforward method for purchasing song rights and preventing copyright infringement.

The Creator Music has been around since last September. While many YouTube content creators rely on third-party marketplaces to purchase songs, Creator Music provides an in-house marketplace. It also includes songs with a revenue-sharing option to benefit both the creators and rights holders.

YouTube Creator Music encourages content creators to purchase songs rights

If you’re a member of the YouTube Partner Program, you can now browse through available songs. On the related dashboard, you can also search for your favorite songs and choose them based on criteria like moods, genres, and collections. There is also a feature for searching songs based on rights costs, which is handy for those on a tight budget.

Creators have two ways to pay for the song. First is the conventional method that proceeds to a checkout option and downloads the song. A second way is a revenue-sharing option, meaning the creator should split his ad revenue with the song rights holder. Of course, this option might not be available for all songs.

YouTube already offers the Audio Library of free tracks, and the good news is Creator Music isn’t going to replace it. To access the free songs on the Creator Music dashboard, you can set the price filter to $0.

Besides benefits like preventing copyright infringements and managing video production costs, Creator Music allows YouTube to compete better with TikTok, especially for Shorts. The competition between YouTube and TikTok can benefit the music industry and help novice artists to get recognition.


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