YouTube will let you watch multiple games at once on NFL Sunday Ticket


As you likely know, YouTube is set to be the home of the NFL Sunday Ticket next season. Marking the first time that it is not part of DIRECTV. With this move for the NFL, there’s still a lot of questions that need to be answered by YouTube. Since this is the first time that you will be able to stream NFL Sunday Ticket, there’s a lot of changes coming.

Thankfully, YouTube’s new CEO Neal Mohan has confirmed that users will be able to watch multiple NFL games at the same time. That’s not really new, as YouTube indicated it back in February. YouTube TV’s new Mosaic Mode will be available for NFL Sunday Ticket. This is going to allow you to watch up to four games at once in a grid.

But this does give more credence to users expecting to see this available when the NFL Sunday Ticket launches later this year on YouTube TV.

Mohan also talked about YouTube Primetime Channels

In his letter, the new CEO also talked about YouTube Primetime Channels, which is a new feature that YouTube added recently. Basically, it allows you to sign up for different streaming services, through YouTube. A lot like Amazon’s Prime video channels. Mohan sees Primetime channels as an aggregation hub that is going to allow consumers to sign up for other streaming services directly from YouTube.

Mohan also talked about further AI integration into YouTube. Google is a big AI company, so seeing more AI into YouTube is not a big surprise here. But Mohan sees this as a way to allow content creators to virtually swap their outfits, auto-generate backgrounds and so much more. It can also be used to help with content discovery and viewing recommendations on YouTube TV in the future.

AI is going to be a big deal, not just with YouTube, but across other Google products and other products from other companies.


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